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  • Life doesn't commit enough to its scares or set pieces to truly excel, but its gung-ho cast, tight plotting, slick visuals, and gripping conclusion mean it's entertaining, just not memorable.

    Mar 23
  • Throughout the film, it's hard to pin down the exact intention of what's coming across, and save for a few bright spots, it culminates as a mess.

    Mar 23
  • Wilson is glaringly uneven, but when Woody Harrelson is in such commanding form, you're willing to forgive, forget, and just enjoy being in his presence.

    Mar 23
  • Equal parts John Hughes and Justice League, Power Rangers is a campy yet enjoyable romp that honors its roots while carving out a place for this charismatic new generation of heroes that should make longtime fans and newcomers proud.

    Mar 20
  • T2 heavily fondles with a nostalgia for its illustrious predecessor, repeatedly tipping its hat to Trainspotting in such a blatant fashion that it ultimately, and sadly, hinders itself.

    Mar 17