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Fencing is a sport that can be played by men, women and children. This sport challenges a person physically as well as mentally. In this sport, the players use the replica words - the foil, epee and saber in order to score points by hitting the other player. Fencing is considered as a safe combat sport as the participants are required to wear the fencing equipment such as face masks, jackets and gloves. There are various Private FencingClub Surrey that offer classes for different level players. You can enrol in group or private classes in these clubs.

Once you know about the numerous health benefits that this sport offers, you’ll definitely enrol for Beginners Fencing Club London in order to learn to play the sport. So read on to  learn about the health benefits of fencing.

Helps one improve mental skills: The sport of Fencing is just like playing a game of chess. One needs to have logical and strategic skills in order to decide on their next movement.

Helps in developing stamina and strength: In the sport of fencing, constant footwork is involved. Thus, it requires the players to move quickly and flexibly. Fencing bouts involved several attacks and counterattacks. Thus, one needs to have good stamina in order to avoid getting tired during a match.

Increased Flexibility: In order to respond to the opposing attacks, wide range of motion is required while playing the sport. Thus, due to this, regular fencers develop a lot of  flexibility the arms, legs and the core.

Helps in stress reduction: Fencing is a physical as well as mental sport, thus it helps in reducing stress. When the mind is focussed on playing the game and the body is busy exercising, it automatically takes away all the stress of a person.

Good for cardiovascular health: As the rate of respiration increases and deepens while playing this sport, it increases the oxygen levels in blood. Increased heart rate enables the small blood vessels to widen. When it is done regularly, the heart becomes stronger and pumps blood efficiently even when a person is not exercising.

Increases one’s balance: Balance is one of the most essential things required for playing this offensive and defensive sport. The constant motion during the sport not just strengthens the body but also increases the overall balance in day to day life as well.

An Amazing workout for staying fit: Just by fencing for an hour one can burn more than 400 calories. Also, the non-stop lunging and squatting during the sport tones one’s muscles. Therefore, fencing is an amazing workout option if you wish to lose weight and tone your body.

Helps in increasing coordination: In fencing arms and legs must work together in order to attack, defend and counterattack. In order to make these moves smoother and efficient, coordination is essential. Thus, fencing helps in increasing the coordination.

Now that you’re aware of the many health benefits of this sport, why not learn this sport? While there are various group classes for fencing, as a beginner, you must enroll for Private Fencing For Children in London. The advantage of taking private classes is that the coach will beableto understand your strengths and weaknesses and provide lessons to improve your overall fencing skills. So find a Private Fencing Club near you and learn to play this sport to enjoy the health benefits it provides.

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