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On April 20 Korean version of the Server Blade & Soul (and 28 on the Chinese server) will be installed next global update. The main innovations will be the dungeon Automaton Research Lab and a new piece of the world map.

Automaton Research Lab - instance for 4/6 people. This dungeon previously owned Jin Seo-Yeon, but after its defeat was abandoned. Players will return to a forgotten factory automatons and learn why their production continues.

The update, players will visit new locations to fight new monsters and bosses to get a new soul gems and other useful items. More information can be found on the teaser site updates.

We remind you that the launch of the Russian version is scheduled for May 17. Holders of the pre-order will get access to the game on 13 May.

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odum Apr 19 '16 · Tags: blade & soul, korean version

Factions are in-game World Players Verse Players organizations. By equipping corresponding outfit(s) for factions, players can flag themselves and do World PvP in the overworld. Each faction in the game has an opposing faction associated with it and players cannot attack players of other factions that are not the enemy of their faction.

"So you wish to help society reach its full potential? Then surely you must appreciate the value of order, unity, and dignity."-Cerulean Elder Hansu

You've made a wise choice in seeking out the Cerulean Order. Ours is a refined militant faction that has focuses on the future and the well-being of the realm. We are a group of noble warriors, different from other inferior groups, and it is our obligation to punish the evil forces and bring peace to the world. The war between the Stratus and Talus has thrown the world into disarray. Governments are corrupt from their core. It's only natural that we seek to remove those broken facets of the system and replace them with a new order, unified and diligent in its desire to improve the lives of the people.

Unlike the anarchistic Crimson Legion, the Cerulean Order focuses on strength in a shared vision of a better tomorrow. We maintain ourselves with a careful system of checks and balances to ensure we do not fall prey to the same corruption that plagued our predecessors. Those deluded Crimson Legion believe society can survive without structure and control, but they are lying to themselves. It is in our very nature to form bonds with one another and work together. You have heard the rallying call to action, so rise to that noble cause and fight with us! Together we can rid the world of its faults and usher in a new age of prosperity for all.

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I have a high-end computer, i7-4770k, GTX 970 and 2400MHz RAM.

What can you do? How to get blade and soul gold with your class?

I will list some options or desired changes to improve the boss encounter for melees.


  Either make the SS (Back dash) skill another button, like shift-s like Guild Wars 2 has theirs.

  Fix the boss encounter, make proper notices for AoE or allow people to make add-ons so we can install them without enforcing a ban wave.

  Implement some kind of buff for melees when they are X meters close to the boss, since ranged classes can stand easily 10 meters away from the boss and attack them.

  Improve the stability of the game, lag issues.

  Change the currency you get from world events, instead of getting prestige points. Add another currency that doesn't gets lost due to FPS drops and random grabs/AoE's from the boss so we can have some kind of reward for spending and being frustrated during the event.

I do know that the developers can not make crucial improvments/changes without permission, since they didn't launch the game in NA/EU scene. But anything that encourages melees to actually participate in world events will be accepted gratefully. Since instead of doing world events, melees are doing other daily routines.

I do know some melees are able to handle this but I'm not one of those melees, I've been playing for almost two weeks now and I haven't enjoyed a game like this since Archage (pre sellout mode).

I'm support NCsoft with purchases of Ncoins and premium membership, I've participated in every world event and every dungeon since two weeks back, and I've enjoyed the world events, sadly I cannot join due to the constantly dying and not getting objectives.

I'm currently at 407 AP and currently working towards True pirate weapon (i'm at awakened pirate). I've had some help from guild mates with the upgrading process and I'm forever grateful, hard part is to gather up world "Treasures" such as soulstones, moonstones and other stuff so I can re-pay the materials and continue with upgrading my gear.

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odum Mar 27 '16 · Tags: blade & soul

I honestly still don't get this argument. I've heard it for about a year now. Standard loot system is SO much more troll. All you do is click a button, no cost required, and whoever is on lady luck's side that day gets the loot. You can go weeks, maybe longer, without getting what you need. You could go the entire time getting absolutely NOTHING for all your time invested.

And then BNS comes around with a revolutionary system. Doesn't matter if you need what drops or not, doesn't matter if lady luck is on your side, you ALWAYS come away with some Blade & Soul Gold. You always get something for the time you invested in that dungeon. Sure, some people are dicks and bid on shit they don't need, but you know what? They're PAYING for the privilege of being an asshole. They don't just have to casually click a button and roll a 90 while you rolled an 87.

My best guess is people are just afraid of change. People would prefer to leave it up to chance rather than actually placing value on how much they want something or what their time is worth. Like, what the hell? There is literally nothing better about the need/greed system as implemented in every game ever over BnS's bid system.

Sure, you could class-restrict items in need/greed (and they could implement this in BnS if they wanted to), but few games do it. And you know what? If that item is worth anything at all, someone is still going to roll on it just to be an ass even if they already have it.

So sick of the whining about this. If you really hate this system that bad make a premade and change the loot setting to whatever you want. Bidding isn't the only system this game has.

TamamShamoon Mar 18 '16 · Tags: blade & soul

Anyway, the fact that the same can be done in rolling systems doesn't somehow mean it's not abuse, of course. And it's not just a waste of time. Imagine a bid-off between two or more party members starts at a mid-point in a dungeon, such as for a Soul Shield in Bloodshade Harbor, for more Blade-Soul Gold. None of the competitors can pass through the portal to the next area, because that will cancel their bid. You get 8 seconds per bid, and one person is deliberately bidding at the last second every time. That would almost certainly hold up the party for at least five minutes, and easily for ten. Nobody is prepared to wait that long for a party to progress. Many people would consider leaving the party if two of their party members were competing in a bid for that long.

And I know it feels good to suggest that somebody might not have been paying attention and that it was their own fault, but no, I was definitely paying attention. I did go with the lowest possible bid each time though. Sure enough, I probably wouldn't do the same thing again. But something as simple as a 0.3 second forced wait after a big bid jump would prevent this kind of abuse. It's a wonder this hasn't been implemented yet. 

If you don't like the bidding system, I suggest you find yourself some friends that are reliable and play with them to get what you need. Like me, I never have to bid for anything, nor my clanmates and reliable friends. 

I have seen clan people on cross server who try to fuck each other up by bidding against each other. The logic of being in the same clan and making 1 bleed for some shitty item that can drop again and again... 

The biggest issue I have with this system is people abusing it. Aka making the guy who wants a certain item pay higher than necessary. Especially at a fresh released end game, sure this can be only temporary Blade And Soul Power leveling, but it's still an issue. Well but it's indeed better than many loot systems. Sadly the 'need' and 'greed' system won't work in this game, because it does work well in ffxiv (in my opinion at least) 

TamamShamoon Mar 17 '16 · Tags: blade & soul

Before I begin with the guide, I would like to say that this build is just a recommendation and it is based mainly on my playstyle and from advice I gathered from other players. Feel free to experiment with it and suit it to your liking.

Most people tend to play Force Master as a pure DPS, forgetting that he has a lot of other useful skill which can make him shine in the battlefield.

But  unlike the other ranged classes (Summoner and the upcoming Warlock) who are easier to learn and play with Blade And Soul Gold, in order to tap into Force Master true potential and deal the highest amount of damage possible, while keeping your healthbar high, you need a lot of practice and concetration while playing him.

The reason behind this is because Force Master hidden power lies on good use of the frost and ember stacks you inflict.

The build I'm going to present is an all-rounder, balanced between fire and ice skills with

Frost Soul as a passive skill to help boost my ice skills which offer better CC and survailability.

For those who don't understand what I'm talking about: Force Masters who spend their skill points on Fire skills can achieve higher DPS than those who spend their skill points on Ice skills.

The difference is that Ice Builds usually have a greater advantage against bosses (and also kinda in PvP) as they can just permanently stand behind them and freeze them all they want.

So, in other words. Fire is great as DPS and Ice is great at tanking (yeah, you heard me right, you can tank bosses, if specced as full Ice) and support.


I've spent three point there, for the added effect of "Only detonates ember at 5 stacks", you need that so you won't lose your ember stacks on an enemy when you are using this skill for its other effects which affect frozen enemies.

I chose the T3F3 for  this skill , because it's better for killing bosses solo, has good damage, and inflicts ember stacks. Though T4F1 of this skill is better suited for clearing mobs, since it's AOE.

Double stun effect on this skill is really useful when you want to cc a boss when playing solo. Since, in orderto cc it you need to cast two skills on it with the same effect. With this skill path, you can do it with only one.

You don't want the right tree, because of the auto detonation effect of ember stacks, which can screw your combo pretty badly. Instead, T2F1 is ideal for many situations, it restores Focus, burns enemies (which can be used in other combos) and most important of all inflicts deep wounds which is really useful for bosses who regenerate a lot of health.

T2F3 path for this skill, for the healing and the focus generation per hit with Blade & Soul Power leveling, also I suggest going T3F3 as seen in the image in order to double the healing on critical hits.

I chose this path, because with the reduced casting time it offers, you can easily stack up to 8 stacks of ember to a burning enemy under 4-5 sec.

Since, I'm speccing based on the Frost Soul passive, this skill gets a damage buff, going down at the T3F2 path, allows you for faster casting which in turn allows for higher DPS output and because with critical hits , I can stack on frost orbs.

One point in this skill, for lower cooldowns and for extra distance.

You can choose to not spend any point in this skill if you play a DPS and spend them elsewhere. The reason why I did it is because of the added cc effects and the deflect.

TamamShamoon Mar 16 '16 · Tags: blade & soul

You can not get them from the level 45 faction dailies if you are 50, no. That doesn't mean an alt or 10 can't do the dailies...also, soulstones can be farmed at 50 - takes maybe the same time to get the same amount we do now, except you can do it literally all day if you want. Soulstones have been in the mid 20's in TW for example for a very long time...except golds value is significantly less in TW than NA/EU for obvious reasons -making the relative price extremely cheap. 

Yeah the markets are really being F'd up with the content releases so fast - we need more sources for soulstones that ARE NOT PvP - I'd even take an RNG box that drops them like candy so the price goes down - it is going to take me forever to upgrade my gear even with 3 alts doing faction dailies (I hate PvP, so screw Arena.) Honestly they should have made it easier for our release to upgrade our gear - kind of crappy that we get this severely compressed schedule to 50 but no relief on materials? 

That is what bothers me with this game - why is the best way to get items needed to upgrade your gear that has NOTHING to do with Arena AT ALL...from arena - do people not see how @#$@# stupid that is? Make some more costumes and titles to make the arena people happy and move some of the Blade-Soul Gold to PvE - there needs to be more PvE sources of soulstones which are used primarily for PvE would think that would make sense - logic and all.

Also, PvP is not the main focus of this game - if it was faction warfare would not be a complete joke - PvE is clearly a HUGE focus of this game based on development for it ...and apparently they need PvE incentives for people to bother doing Arena...please put 2 and 2 together to see how popular Arena is to the playerbase at large (not just our region.) 

I've been farming BW nonstop Fri-Sun, exchanging BW Essence for SS, and getting the (Gold) Zen Bean Pouch about every other day. The 5k Zen Bean skill for Sin is shit, but am I overdoing it? It's a very tough call on whether or not I should be stockpiling the Zen Beans/Essences themselves, and whether or not to sell SS while the prices are high. 

TamamShamoon Mar 15 '16 · Tags: blade & soul

Looking at upgrade costs vs their time investment or direct correlation to gold vs time, you are looking at hours upon hours of grind that pays out less than minimum wage in the states. Even if I were to get a full time minimum wage job to instead working at BK flipping burgers to convert into online gold, the ratio would still suck but would be better than repeating the same repetitive content over and over. Hell, I could probably score some side action at BK, probably not on BNS. Really, 2 endgame instances that where we want to do those daily along with 24 man versions of basically the same thing just with tons of trash to kill too? Um... at that point why even play BNS?

the upgrade costs need to be drastically lowered or the materials costs for upgrading need to be decreased or this game is wildstar2.0 in 6 months tops. Even the method for money to gold is terrible conversion and far from worth it unless you make 6 figures a year and can afford frivolous spend to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. I've already burned out and the romance faded after staring at the mountain of discouragement that is the upgrade paths and the actual time that will be required is... well, I've got better things to do. Enjoy your treadmill. 

Funny thing about BnS is that the gold is actually really fucking expensive right now. It's like 70c for 1g which is really expensive considering you can make like 15g/hour on any class. 

There is no game in existence where you wouldn't be able to make more gold by working a job then converting real money into gold. The difference is one is a fucking job and the other is a game. You can stop playing the game at any point if you start to get bored and do other things then come back later. The same cannot be said for working a job. I'm more than happy to play on and off for 8 hours and do what I want during that time and make $50 worth of gold than to work for 8 hours and make $200. 

TamamShamoon Mar 14 '16 · Tags: blade & soul

If you were going to transmute the soulstones in the first place to make an element/package, why would you even consider their value? By buying soulstones and then transmuting, you are losing money. You can easily get the required amount of soulstones to transmute elements through dailies and PvP. Meese failed to mention that Elder Elements/Jewels are tradeable, and go for a nice bit of gold if you sell one on the market. You save and potentially make more of a profit getting the soulstones yourself and transmuting packages than you would ever get feeding blues for small exp gains. 

To be honest for transmute u use 5 soulstones and 50 silver and some powder ...wiht this basic cost it got me like a bit over half of 1 bar....its not worth it at least in my eyes, for me the cheapest way is to use those blue weapons that drop in the 12 man instances...

Even if u farm soulstones for transmute u look at the overall cost...so5x 35 silver + 50 silver= 2.25 gold, for that amount i got like 15% of my true siren axe. if i use blue weapons and i pay 10 silver per weapon....from 22 weapons i get way more than 15% 

Its only cheap in the moment. In the long run, the elements win. Element packages give you anywhere from 2-4, with a potential one being sellable on the market for an average of 3g on the NA servers. It only costs 1 silver per element as opposed to a handful of silver with one blue. You are not saving money by feeding your HM weapon random blues you find more Blade & Soul Gold. You should be salvaging those for element powders to make your overall progression faster. I don't really know how I can word this any simpler: feeding your weapon other blues stops being cost effective when you hit Awakened Profane. 

Didnt try yet those element packages only that single purple element for weapon which requires 5x soulstones , el powder and 50 silver. maybe the package is more worth but like i say from what i see , at least for me blue weapons where cheaper as that single element. and i dont speak about how muchj powders cost cuse those u get anyway from weapons. but the soulstones, cuse even if u farm them...they are like 35 s/1 

TamamShamoon Mar 13 '16 · Tags: blade & soul

Well, this is so annoying, there are no chance to beat them (BM, BD, SINS) as FM. They stuns you+airbone+attack , you escape from stun/daze/knockdown but the skill has 30 sec cooldown and they keeps doing stun+airbone+attack combos every 5 seconds and srsly there are nothing you can do, you freeze/paralyze them but they escapes it and... spams stun+airbone+attack again... Is useless using parry piercing to attack them cuz they can spam stun+airbone everytime when focus... You dashes to make distance, is useless, they jumps to you and again stun+airbone+stun combos.

The only thing i can beat are Destroyers, Summoners (sometimes), FMs... But when i face against BM or BD or SIN im going AFK (alt+tab and going to watch some funny videos in youtube) cuz there are nothing you can do xD

They have projectile attack resist, when they resist your attacks you can't freeze them. U use frost tornado to break their resist Blade And Soul Gold, they get resist again after 5 seconds, and frost tornado cooldown is 30 seconds aproximately, u can't ever freeze them (the freeze is vital state attack from FMs, but you can not even do that cuz their resists), u try use phantom grip but they escapes easily, u try to stun them with 1 but is useless lasts just 2 seconds and is hard to get success stun.

FMs are mage type class, and i never seen this poor crowd control abilities compared against warriors, logicaly FMs should have more and effective crowd control abilities... but its not, here the BM/BD/SINS has more crowd control than FM xD 

As I said before FM is god mode ATM until 50 patch, Ice soul and Fire soul were not meant for 45 content. Every class is missing core skills against FM plus skill points. BM is missing Guardian Shroud for chill removal plus 10% heal and 3 attacks blocked per 45 seconds. KFM is missing 1 second invulnerability on counter and a 8m pull on their 36 second cooldown spin stun. Destroyer is missing .5 chi per hit in spin, immune to freeze while spinning, 20% more movement speed and 5m range on tab or removing charge disables on deflect spin plus 9 second cooldown reduction on Ram on deflect. Assassin is missing Shunpo and 2 second invulnerability on counter. BD is missing refreshed air combo starter on deflect or all status effect removed once per 36 seconds on maelstrom plus 9 second cooldown reduction per resist for their charge skill. FM is only missing .5 second melee counter on impact which adds a cooldown and only makes a 10 meter gap. 

I go like a bawse with burning build(impact with extra dmg on frozen enemies) and blazing beams.If bm's are not carefull how to use ther V(Blade Calls or whatever)you just remove ther block and burn them.Same for sins once ther counter timer is off you can freeze and burn with C + Inferno + LB/RB Blazing beam.

BD however is the most annoying piece of shit.Still win most of my matches vs this little piece of shit but it make me rage everytime I face them.10 type of Blade And Soul Power leveling,plus spin deflect plus invincibility for whatever time and air combo without CD and after the 10th stun they grab you and literally take over half of your hp with this lightining shits they spawn while you can't do anything because well....they just used ther invincibility shit and you wasted your SS,Flower and Ice tab due of 50000 stuns and your tab is still on CD from the previous grab.

TamamShamoon Mar 11 '16 · Tags: blade & soul
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