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FSDT is a company in Tanzania that works to improve the quality of life for people, households and businesses that do not get the attention they need and deserve. But they do not work alone. Donor partners include UK Aid and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Here are the four services FSDT offers to their customers.

Agriculture and Rural Finance

The first step in improving the financial services where Tanzanians live and work is to identify the barriers in transactions. Then working with multiple partners to fix the problems and make it easier for local individuals and businesses to use these financial services.

FSDT looks at how the agriculture sector uses financial products and services. Then FSDT looks for ways to improve the services people use. FSDT works to increase financial contributions in the most needed areas to build more sectors and improve the welfare of farmers. FSDT works hard to make it easier for rural farmers to make transactions with enterprises.

FSDT understands that rural finance depends on the ease of which to use financial products and services. Easy to use, quality products and services are essential in helping underserved Tanzanian people and businesses improve their lives. In turn, the lives of people around them can also improve.

Digital Finance

FSDT works to help their customers gain access to technology based financial services. FSDT has partnered with financial institutions and Mobile Network Operations to bring more cash outlets to where customers more closely live. Research and product development are conducted by FSDT in partnership with financial service providers. FSDT want to make sure that individuals and businesses are getting their needs met by the financial services and products they choose to use.

Small Medium Enterprise Finance

While Small Medium Enterprises employ more than 5.2 million people n Tanzania, the vast majority have limited or no access to quality financial services and products. With the help of financial institutions, technology companies and non-banking financial companies, new ideas are explored to improve small businesses ability to access and use financial services to help grow their companies. FSDT also tries to help Small Medium Enterprises improve their financial literacy. Financial literacy is a crucial part of owning a business. FSDT brings the private and public sectors together in creating cooperative policy changes when necessary.


Insurance is a fairly new undertaking for FSDT. FSDT wants to make sure the insurance sector stays strong so that customers get what they need. Since 2013 most insurance sector growth has been in health. Many people in Tanzania do not demand insurance because they do not understand how important it really is. Many people do not understand the basics of how insurance works. Many people have negative perceptions about insurance. The insurance sector is also slow growing in Tanzania. This has led to limits in insurance distribution, skilled personnel who work in insurance and products being offered (such as micro insurance). FSDT has a lot of work to do change peoples’ minds about having insurance and making sure there are quality insurance products and services for customers to use.