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If you are running the small scale or large scale office, obsessively, you need to maintain the finance in an exact way but it very hard and it needs lot of the time to maintain the record of the company finance. In order to come out such problem, the business owner has made use of the Quicken Softwarewhich is specially designed with the amazing features and support so it will be more comfortable to save time and maintain the financial record with the safer manner. Here the software is built with user-friendly and it can support to make use without knowing the coding and other things. when you are new to install such the software over the device, you don’t have ideas but no worries, here the Quicken Help and Supportprovide the end to end support step by step so it will be more comfortable to fix all sort of the problem on the same day while installation such an effective financial software. Apart from that, the business owner can get a record of each employee and other information with a short time, so it will bring additional support to save time and cost. we are well experiencing an update with the all-new updated in the software so customer staffs can clear provide the right solution for clear all your worried and we are active and happy to help out at every time including the public holidays so it will be more straightforward to get support.

We introduce the effective Quicken Customer Servicefor day and night so the user who meet problem regarding anything, just they can visit official website and make use of the contact number. We are here to provide 24-hour customer service to clear all your doubts on the spot. Our staffs are updated with the all new ideas and follow the right method to clear the doubt via mobile itself. Therefore, it helps to save the time and cost of the customer who makes use of the software. Our Quicken technicians are well updated and educated in this field so we can find out the right ideas to fix the problem on the same day itself. Apart from that, this software never needs of the additional software and required additional space to install. Hence it brings more comfort for the customer to install and make use in winning. If you have problem during the updated of the software, just make call to the customer support and get clear your entire problem on a constant day. Our website has customer support number which is active for day and night to provide the first class service for the customer to solve problem in the Quicken.

Cybersecurity threats are increasing day by day and they are coming in new shapes and forms. They can cause extreme damage to users’ computer systems. Users want an active security service to avoid all these harmful threats from their devices. Norton Antivirus is the best and the most used Security Antivirus product which provides complete protection on your web-enabled devices. It is offering a 1-year subscription package that includes instant download, multi-platform comparatively, and unlimited device protection.  Norton has robust and enhanced features like Email protection, a secure firewall, PC optimization tool and parental control to secure user’s devices from internet spyware, viruses, and internet hackers. Now you can securely surf the internet with the Norton Antivirus.

But nowadays, Norton wants to update Norton Identity Safe 5.3 build 120 updates for Mozilla Firefox.

The Released Version name is: Norton Identity Safe

  • Import logins to Norton Identity Safe Vault.
  • Import passwords from supported sources including your browser (Chrome or 32-bit Firefox) or other password manager products (Dashlane LastPass, and 1Password).
  • Integrated Password Generator: Your vault has a password generator. You can quickly make strong passwords with different options (size, use of letters, numbers and special characters).
  • Please go to Norton Identity Safe Norton Knowledgebase to get more information on latest Norton Identity Safe browser extension releasing version.
  • Please go to Import logins to Norton Identity Safe vault for more details.

Please note- Norton Identity Safe extension for Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers will be updated as soon as possible for the Norton users.

Norton provides helpful customer support service, and you can avail them from Norton Customer Support. Technicians are very skilled to fix the issues of all the Norton users. If you want to activate Norton product key, visit on Norton helps the users with an extensive collection of some advanced security features to protect your system completely. If you are already a Norton user then visit for more updates.


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HP is the leading brand across various digital platforms and most people like to choose the top brand to get quality features. HP attained the top position by bringing the best features and amazing technology at the best price. Sometimes people get confused as to how and why the HP Laptop, Desktop or Printer is not working properly. Getting the professional help is a great option for bringing you the proper answer within the given time. HP Laptop Supportlets you get 100% friendly support service assistance so that you can clarify any doubts or ask questions and many others instantly. When you call the HP Support Phone Number, the HP Customer Supportteam would collect all the data and then would connect with the professionals so that you can ask the questions anytime without any hassle. HP Laptop Support professionals can be contacted via direct call or chat and share the desktop. Troubleshooting process will start faster so that it would be quite easier for enabling the best solution. IT technicians let you with information about the problem and easiest ways to solve the problem. Most of the people are happy to have their problem solved without leaving their desk. Of course, you can also easily get fast attention for solving all your support instantly without any hassle.

Ultimate Desktop Support:

Customers using HP Desktop need not search relentlessly for the best HP laptop support service providers. Therefore, users can connect to the website and make use of HP Tech Supportservice instantly and they would get 100% guaranteed results for the excellence without any hassle. Get the massive help and support services for all the HP Desktop Supportin the market. In fact, the users could efficiently get the complete service in online or remotely so that it would be quite easier to get the best answer at the completive prices. HP laptop support lets the users across the world to easily get the highest quality of services which would be much more efficient for gaining the prominent result. There is no need to wait in the long queues for the period of time to receive the help as you can get instant help immediately for enabling mega benefits of saving more money for the excellence. The company representatives also make sure that customers are connected immediately to support team so there is no need to wait anymore. You will be given the friendly answer to every question so that it is quite easier for getting your desktop issue solved to the excellence.

Professional Printer Support:

Looking for product information? Get the complete HP  Printer Supportinstantly with solving all your problems instantly. They would also help you to guide through the installation along with many other processes that is listed in the product manual. Getting the professional HP Printer Support is prominent which would be quite easier for solving all the issues without any hassle. You can also easily register the product online with the request of the professionals and suitable for getting the instant answer.
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With 1.7 billion people on Facebook, it's pretty sure to say that huge part of your target audience, clients and customers are active on the world's most pioneer social-media platform. It is now one of the most powerful, impactful and advanced paid traffic advertising that is currently accessible. Facebook helps individuals and businesses to get their research in order, help them separate the advertisement sets, helps avoiding sudden changes, helps sorting data and keep a watch, keeps frequent checks, cuts losers and scale the winners and adds to your strong profile and portfolio.

To maintain a good image for your business you need to be seen and noticed by everyone and people will always choose a post which has plenty of likes and comments on it. What is required is to maintain your goodwill and get attention of everyone. You need to boost your posts and that can only be done with the help of some reliable autoliker tools like MyFbLiker. MyFbLiker helps you grabbing huge amount of likes within a minimum period on the post you need. You just have to enter the post URL and the tool will generate autolikes on the required post.

When creating a Facebook business plan, the goal should be clear and kept in mind. If your goal is to make advertisements drive traffic to your website, then auto like purchase can make a huge difference. The more the likes on the post, the more will people trust it. MyFbLiker is one of the best and most trusted Facebook autoliker tools which help you get huge number of likes on your Facebook status, picture and pages and on comments. It gives more then 150+ likes per submit. You can use this tool anywhere and it guarantees hustle free and spam free likes. Privacy and security is provided and its user friendliness enables you to instantly gain fame and name for your business. In the world of so much competition, it’s important to be recognized and have an identity of your own. 

About MyFbLiker
MyFbLiker is a popular Facebook auto like tool that allows user to increase the likes on his posts, status, picture or any kind of Facebook activity. It guarantees privacy and spam free functionality and helps boost your post and increase approachability. 

For more information, you can visit
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In the recent years, we have observed several means of communication and each of them has its own limitations and benefits. Skype is one of the best and modern tools to stay connected with your family and friends. Currently, there are millions of active users accessing Skype for various reasons. Because of having several features and users, users often face several technical problems when using Skype. If you want to solve those issues, then you can contact our Skype Tech Support Number.

What are the common Skype technical problems?

Skype users may encounter several challenges and difficulties but below-mentioned are the most common problems faced by them.

*      Skype login issue

*      Forgot Skype password

*      File sharing issue

*      Hacked Skype account

*      Mobile app is not connecting

*      Having trouble with Skype server

*      Unable to add contacts on Skype

*      Issue with Skype to Skype calls

*      Unable to call phone number or landline

*      Facing trouble with Skype settings

*      Poor call quality

*      Screen sharing is not working

*      Unable to initiate a conference call

Skype users who are all facing any one of this issue will immediately call official Skype support number to avail solution.

Reasons to choose our Skype customer support service:

We offer a quick solution to all sorts of problem that you face.  To get efficient and better customer support service, you have to Skype contact us. We are offering excellent and reliable Skype Technical Support to Skype users so far. Here are the reasons to choose us. 

·         We are one-stop solution to all Skype issues

·         Avail reliable and efficient Skype technical support

·         Have experienced and qualified team of Skype professional to help you

·         Instant and prompt replies to all your queries by experts

·         Immediate response to customer calls

·         24x7 technical support service and guaranteed solution

·         100% customer satisfaction


Norton Antivirus is an excellent antivirus service program which is used by the majority of users worldwide. Users are using it to secure their devices such as- laptops and PCs against different types of malicious attacks for example- Malware, Adware, Spyware and other online Viruses. Norton is providing a powerful security shield for user’s computer system.

But sometimes, the user’s can face some of the common issues because of improper installation or may be due to end of its validity period. One of the most common errors that have been complained by users is Error 3048 3. In his article, we will discuss e symptoms, common reasons and troubleshooting steps to resolve Norton Error Code 3048 3 from your computer system efficiently. 

Know what is Norton error 3048 3?

Some common error messages could appear during installation of antivirus program. When Symantec related software program is running, during start up or shut down the window or even when you are reset windows operating system settings. Then you will find the problem has occurred and that is error 3048 3. 

Know about the Symptoms of error Norton 3048 3:-
  • Whenever appears and crashes the active window program
  • Your device hits when you have running the same program constantly.
  • You will see “Norton Error 3048 3 Windows 7” message is displayed on your screen.
  • Windows run slowly and responses bit by bit for the mouse and keyboard input.
  • Your device freezes for a while, and it happens again and again.
Know about the Causes of Error Norton 3048 3:-
  • Corruption in window catalog entries while installing or uninstalling a program.
  • Virus or malware attacks which already infected and corrupted windows files or Norton Antivirus linked documents or files.
  • Another program mistakenly deleted which are the connected with Norton Antivirus files.

Errors 3084 3 can happen for several of reasons and whenever so it is crucial for a user that he/she renovate or repair the possible causes to prevent it from reverting the same. 

Steps to Fix Norton Antivirus Error 3048 3:-
  1. Repair or Renovate the catalog entries which are the linked with Error 3048 3.
  2. Perform a full virus or malware scan of your device.
  3. Clean out your system waste or temporary files and folders with the help of disk cleanup option.
  4. You need to upgrade your device drivers.
  5. Operate windows system restore option to “undo” current system changes.
  6. You need to install or uninstall the Norton Antivirus Program which is the related to Error 3048 3.
  7. Run windows system file analyzer (“SFC / scan now”)
  8. Download and install all the open windows renew.
  9. Execute a clean downloading of your windows system.

Hopefully, by using all of these above steps you have resolved your Norton Error Code 3048 3 error from your computer system. But still, if you are suffering any other issue with your Norton product then take assistance from Norton customer support. They will immediately suggest you tech support. You can connect with them from the two different ways.

1- Call on Norton toll-free number. And

 2- Norton live chat.

So now, you can feel free to connect with them, as per your convenience. If you want to know more information about Norton products, then go to Norton official website. So now, no need to trouble any issue, meet directly with Norton Customers Services to take expert support.

For more details, Kindly visit:   |   |


Norton antivirus is a security software which is manufactured by Symantec Corp Norton antivirus works effortlessly to safeguard your computer system from harmful attacks. Norton antivirus scans files and folders present in the computer and look for any signs of malware and virus and removes them if its finds them. Since new viruses are created every day, Norton keeps updating its virus database to provide constant protection. Not only is Norton very capable but it is also easy on the pocket. Norton antivirus is easy to use and it can be purchased from the website or store. Norton antivirus’ product key can be activated at

Here is how Norton antivirus works:

Signature Scan

The first and foremost step of scanning a document or file is to compare and contrast the file with the database of know virus signatures. In the world of antivirus, a virus signature or footprint is either a hash or an algorithm which can individually identify a specific virus. Viruses are software which are composed or a binary pattern. Virus signature is used in order to identify and recognize specific viruses. Norton Antivirus scans the files in the computer and evaluates definite bits of code against the information in the database and if Norton antivirus finds any pattern similar to one in the database of known viruses, the file is flagged as a virus. It is either deleted permanently or moved to quarantine.

Background Scanning

Norton antivirus software scans all the fines which the user opens in the background of the computer. This is also known as on-access scanning. There are two kinds of scanning which Norton antivirus has; they are On Access Scanning and On Demand scanning. On access, scanner runs in the background as the computer is turned on and till the computer is shut down. The on access scanner will continuously look for threats until and unless the user pauses it. On-Access scanner keeps an eye on each and every system activity and it scans files which have been downloaded through the internet or email automatically.

Heuristic Detection

One of the most common and effective form of detection used by antivirus software across the globe is Heuristic based scan. This type of detection allows the software to identify the viruses and malware which have not yet been discovered. Heuristic is a way to resolve any issue either by experimenting or discovering rather than following a set of formulas, instructions, or procedures.

Full System Scan

Given that Norton antivirus has on-access scanning feature, full system scans are generally not needed. However, this feature comes handy when you install an antivirus software for the first time on your device. It is also important to run a full system scan when you have updated the antivirus software. Norton antivirus software conducts a full scan of your computer and makes sure that no malware or virus is hidden in the system.

Updating the Norton antivirus is important for the security of the computer system. Norton antivirus provides automatic updates. Once your download, install, and activate Norton on your system, you won’t have to worry about external threats.  For more details about Norton antivirus, visit

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There are a large number of antivirus products available in the market. Trusting on any such antivirus can be a major mistake as it is a matter of our data security. We often keep our personal data, photos, important files saved on the computer system. Norton antivirus provides the best security solutions which keep our computer and other devices safe from all kinds of malware and security threats. There are millions of people who are using Norton antivirus on their computer. Antivirus software often creates errors when we try to install any other software program on our computer. It sometimes interferes with the installation of desired programs or the functionality of your Web browser.

To get rid of these kinds of errors, people need to temporarily disable Norton services to control the details of your computer’s security. One can re-enable them to stay safe on the Web. We have got you a perfect guide that will guide you to disable the Norton Antivirus for a proper function.

Steps to Temporarily Disable to Norton Antivirus and Smart Firewall


Hit the small triangle on your Windows taskbar and open the notification area (formerly known as the system tray). Now, do a right-click the Norton Internet Security icon for a list of options related to the security suite. 


Now, you need to click “Disable Smart Firewall” to temporarily shut down the firewall. You can use the “Select the duration” drop-down in the Security Request window to select a duration for the temporary shutdown and then click “OK” to activate. Shut down the firewall only for the duration of whatever task you’re trying to access or trying to complete. For example, if you are trying to install a new application, you should disable the firewall for just a few minutes. 


Click the “Disable AntiVirus” to temporarily disable anti-virus protection. With the Disable Smart Firewall option, you will be prompted to select a duration for the shutdown. Now, you can click “OK” to activate the shutdown. 

Turn off Norton Automatic Renewal


You can navigate to the Norton Management website and log in to the site. 


Once you land on the website, you need to scroll to “Automatic Renewal” to view all products that are automatically renewed each year. Now, click the slider to change automatic renewal to the “Off” position. You need to hit the button “Turn Off” on the pop-up window to confirm deactivation. 


You can sign out of your Norton account. Once automatic renewal is disabled, Norton’s service will not renew automatically. Instead, you are prompted to renew when your current subscription runs out. 

This is how you can temporarily disable the Norton antivirus on your computer. If you want to know more about the Norton antivirus or any other queries related to Norton then make a call to the Norton Customer Support and get an instant resolution. For more, visit


Recently, McAfee participated in 2018 Security Through Innovation Summit at Washington. It was hosted on May 22 at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel. The half-day event introduced a dynamic lineup of private and public sector experts addressing the critical issues central to the future of federal cybersecurity and IT.

The current year’s exhibit revealed that the most recent McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) incorporation is joining McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) 10.3 with TYCHON, a venture endpoint administration and endpoint identification and reaction (EDR) innovation which is the created by Tychon LLC (Tychon). This consolidated arrangement addresses the U.S. Division of Defense (DoD) Cyber Scorecard command, which measures advance on targets set in DoD Cybersecurity Discipline Implementation design discharged in 2015. The arrangement recognized essential errands identified with appropriate digital administration, for example, requiring robust client validation, evacuating obsolete programming and web confronting web servers that never again have an operational necessity, and legitimately adjusting systems and data frameworks.

Every one of these errands requires assets, and as per the current McAfee report, Hacking the Skills Shortage, interest for cybersecurity experts is outpacing the supply of qualified specialists. Be that as it may, nine out of 10 respondents said that cybersecurity innovation could help adjust for an abilities deficiency. The deficiency of qualified specialists combined with the immense number of digital dangers confronting associations features the requirement for incorporated arrangements that accomplish more with fewer assets.

TYCHON gives constant significant data expected to populate the total DoD Cyber Scorecard with this combination of McAfee Policy Auditor. The ESM-TYCHON joining empowers McAfee users to picture the ten danger appraisals exhibited in the Cyber Scorecard through unique dashboards continuously, including a Summary Dashboard displayed by ESM, and a Detail Dashboard fueled by TYCHON.

In particular, the Detail Dashboard exhibits the status of each one of the accompanying:
  • STIG Compliance
  • User Login
  • Host Based Security System (HBSS) Services
  • Microsoft Windows Patches
  • Web Server Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Linux/OSX Updates
  • System Compliance

With this, the McAfee-Tychon mix encourages first digital episode reaction by giving official outlines (overall scores) of an association’s benefits (endpoints) and revealing resource benchmark comes about. The Scorecard can channel information by resource, hierarchical gathering, and errand comes about.

Such capacities give a preferred fundamental standpoint when associations must amplify their groups’ capabilities to distinguish dangers, diminish chances and guarantee consistency viably. This most recent McAfee SIA accomplice combination with Tychon offers clients a guaranteed, incorporated arrangement that enables them to determine dangers speedier with fewer assets.

McAfee has of late declared 19 new accomplices to the McAfee SIA program, and seven recently affirmed, coordinated arrangements. This accomplice living community quickens the advancement of open and interoperable security items, rearrange combination with complex client situations, and give an integrated, associated security environment to augment the benefit of existing client security ventures.

Please visit the below-given link to get more information on the program partners who are the certified solutions, and membership details. or

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Norton is a useful and affordable antivirus security program, and it is also known as the most reasonable software at present. A number of people are using this software around the globe. But sometimes, users can face some common errors with Norton antivirus product such as- 0x80045001 error code; It is a numeric Norton error code. This error code will appear by operating systems to give alert for a program to the user’s computer system. You have to resolve it immediately because otherwise, it will harm your windows. To solve Norton 0x80045001 manually, we have mentioned some simple steps for your computer system here.

What are the Causes of Norton Error Code 0x80045001:-

You will get below the common reasons behind this error occurrence.

The 0x80045001 error may happen by windows system files damage.

The corrupted system files entries can be an actual issue to occur this error.

Incomplete installation or an incomplete uninstall and the corrupt downloading of the Norton program.

An infected deletion for any program or hardware.

Virus or adware/spyware attacks on your computer system.

An incorrect shutdown of windows.

All the above-given causes may result in the deletion or corruption of the entries in the windows system files.

A corrupted file will lead to the missing and wrongly linked information and data needed for the right performance of the application.

Know How to Get Rid of Norton Error 0x80045001:-

Please follow the below-given steps and get an error-free system for your work. All actions are manual troubleshooting steps.

Turn- on your system and log in with your registered administration details.

Press on the “Start button” then choose all programs, accessories, system tools.

Click on the “System Restore.”

Select “Restore my computer to an earlier time” option and then click on the ‘Next.’

Choose “Recent system restore” the file from the given “On this list, click a restore point list, and then click “Next.”

Hit on the “Next” option for the window confirmation.

Reboot your system, after finishing restoration process.

Steps to Fix Automated update:- 

Please follow the below-given steps to resolve this error by using Norton error repair tool.

If you want to resolve this Norton error automated, then you need to download error 0x80045001 repair tool

Go to Norton official website and download the error 0x80045001 repair tool.

After downloading, install the software and click on the “Start button.”

Wait until the scanning process is completing.

Open the scanned software and click on the “Fix Errors” button.

Restart your computer system and check your error has resolved or not.

We hope that, after completing all the troubleshooting as mentioned earlier steps, you will get rid f this Norton error 0x80045001.

Norton Customer Service:-

To know more about the Norton products, you can connect with Norton Customer Support team by dialing Norton toll-Free number. Norton technicians will give you a satisfactory advice and solution for all of your Norton related queries. Users can connect 24*7 to get an immediate service or solution by Norton certified experts. To get more information about the Norton provided services, you can also visit on Norton website –

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