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You can not get them from the level 45 faction dailies if you are 50, no. That doesn't mean an alt or 10 can't do the dailies...also, soulstones can be farmed at 50 - takes maybe the same time to get the same amount we do now, except you can do it literally all day if you want. Soulstones have been in the mid 20's in TW for example for a very long time...except golds value is significantly less in TW than NA/EU for obvious reasons -making the relative price extremely cheap. 

Yeah the markets are really being F'd up with the content releases so fast - we need more sources for soulstones that ARE NOT PvP - I'd even take an RNG box that drops them like candy so the price goes down - it is going to take me forever to upgrade my gear even with 3 alts doing faction dailies (I hate PvP, so screw Arena.) Honestly they should have made it easier for our release to upgrade our gear - kind of crappy that we get this severely compressed schedule to 50 but no relief on materials? 

That is what bothers me with this game - why is the best way to get items needed to upgrade your gear that has NOTHING to do with Arena AT ALL...from arena - do people not see how @#$@# stupid that is? Make some more costumes and titles to make the arena people happy and move some of the Blade-Soul Gold to PvE - there needs to be more PvE sources of soulstones which are used primarily for PvE would think that would make sense - logic and all.

Also, PvP is not the main focus of this game - if it was faction warfare would not be a complete joke - PvE is clearly a HUGE focus of this game based on development for it ...and apparently they need PvE incentives for people to bother doing Arena...please put 2 and 2 together to see how popular Arena is to the playerbase at large (not just our region.) 

I've been farming BW nonstop Fri-Sun, exchanging BW Essence for SS, and getting the (Gold) Zen Bean Pouch about every other day. The 5k Zen Bean skill for Sin is shit, but am I overdoing it? It's a very tough call on whether or not I should be stockpiling the Zen Beans/Essences themselves, and whether or not to sell SS while the prices are high. 

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By TamamShamoon
Added Mar 15 '16



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