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Hello, everyone, my name is Robert, my job is to help students with their assignment Writing is my profession and my passion. In this article, I am going to tell you about the University of London. Hope you will find it interesting. 

·         Year of foundation - 1886

·         Location - England, Surrey, Egham Town (30 km from the center of London)   

·         Language level - Foundation IELTS 5.5

·         Undergraduate IELTS 6.5

·         Postgraduate IELTS 6.5

·         MBA the IELTS 7.0

·         The cost of training and the required level of language                Foundation £ 12,765

·         Undergraduate £ 5,321- £ 14,250

·         Master 14,700 £

·         MBA £ 13,200 - £ 18,000

·         Cost of living     £ 3,154 - £ 5,320 for academic year

Although the Faculty of Economics Royal Holloway was founded relatively recently, in 1995, he managed to enter one of the three major economic research department of London. The University is proud created on the basis of faculty training programs, interconnecting the traditional academic methods and innovative approaches to education.

Faculty teachers - known academics world's leading universities, Cambridge graduates, Oxford, Yale and Harvard. The Faculty is located in the heart of the university campus. The training building services undergraduates - the latest audience Experimental Economic Laboratory, Center for Economic bachelors, Computer Science Center for undergraduates, as well as simulated platform for financial trading.

Entry Requirements

Preparatory Course :

·         a certificate with the highest average score,

·         English language proficiency (IELTS 5.5),

·         motivation letter.

Undergraduate :

·         a certificate of secondary education,

·         English language proficiency (IELTS 6.5).


·         Bachelor's degree,

·         English language proficiency (IELTS 6.5),

·         recommendations

·         summary,

·         motivation letter.


·         Bachelor's degree,

·         English language proficiency (IELTS 7.0),

·         GMAT,

·         recommendations

·         summary,

·         motivation letter.

Home Faculty Program - Film, television and digital manufacturing (BA Film, Television and Digital Production) - one of the few who want to understand, evaluate and acquire skills in working with the audio - visual media. Studying theoretically aspects of the direction parallel to the students can hone their knowledge in practice, using equipment provided by the University. Other undergraduate program - Cinematography, allows to plunge into the history of cinema and television. Finally, a completely new project - English cinema - is a program that was created with the participation of two strong and prestigious University faculties.

At the disposal of all the students of the Department - Modern Media Art Centre, based on which one can try their hand at creating a creative product. Students can take advantage of digital television studio, peruse the archival records, work in the 12 assembly, the two media labs and sound studios.

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By Robert Roberts
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