FIFA 18 ultimate team game can be played beautifully with these tricks from jane wichk's blog

After dear robbynat0r did a lot of detailed analysis of the positions in recent years, I will be releasing a weakened form for FIFA 18 skills for pros LITE (with 100% less sugar). The article will have several sections, broken down as follows:


  • Physical properties
  • Basic skill points
  • Luxury skill points


Physical properties

When selecting height and weight, there are a large number of top defenders, who adjust to 1.87m / 90kg. The relative size paired with the force of 90kg ensures a stable defensive man. While there are some differences in the leaderboard (sometimes adding a few centimeters to be more present in the header and sometimes getting a bit bulkier to get even more punch through in the penalty area), this combination is similar to the 1.98m / 68kg at the keeper almost the standard.


Result: With 1.87 meters and 90 kilograms one is on average, but one finds also fast players between 1.83m and 1.94m and also with the weight one has at liberty much leeway.


Basic skill points

This section covers the absolutely basic skills that no center- back should do without. Whether you take it as an orientation while you are on your way to the maximum 110 skill points or if you have already arrived there and want to bring in some variation, you will probably take those skills anyway:

  • Speed ​​-> Acceleration: In FIFA 18, the defensive has become heavier. You have to react even more and faster and you have to be able to go into running duels at lightning speed in order to be able to react to your opponent. Here the extra start is unavailable.
  Tempo -> acceleration

  • Dribbling -> Agility: These skill points will be found on any of my Base Category articles because they are just so damn effective. Any time wasted on changing direction is time for the opponent to get closer to the goal.

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