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The HPL Countertop is perfect for multi-reason research facilities. In light of the countertop's one of a kind properties, including compound and bacterial protection, the Brikley can be used in scientific, microbial or substance labs.

Joined with these one of a kind characteristics, the phenolic resin countertop's amazing physical and mechanical properties give quality, strength and solidness to safeguard numerous times of helpful administration. This worktop is built to demanding particulars to guarantee reliable board thickness and evenness. View our whole list for more data on our total Compact Laminate Countertop stock.

here are favorable circumstances to utilizing a phenolic countertop contrasted with different tops. Phenolic Resin Countertops are effortlessly changed in the field utilizing straightforward and promptly accessible carbide-tipped bits and sharp edges (accessible at any equipment or home store).

Phenolic Countertops are lighter and simpler to work with too. Phenolic resin materials can be utilized to make tops, racking, window countertops, boards, pegboards and even custom trough sinks, all to your particular. Phenolic items are likewise exceptionally impervious to acidic mixes and are additionally awesome for muggy and wet situations. You will likewise save money on cargo costs in light of the fact that a phenolic lab countertop is lighter and less expensive to dispatch than their epoxy partners.

Phenolic resin countertops meet the prerequisites of most research facilities and a scope of extra advantages. These advantages incorporate concoction, wear and water protection. Phenolic Lab Countertops are practical and beautiful surfacing choices for a wide assortment of even and vertical applications. Phenolic lab countertops can be arrange in lengths up to 120" and widths up to 60" with the accompanying thicknesses: 3/4" and 1" Phenolic Compact Laminates are UL Environment (Greenguard Gold) Qualified, perceived for LEED commitments and gladly produced in the U.S.A. FSC Certified material is accessible upon ask.

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