a short time. NBA Finals ended at the same time, another from fenshav's blog

 more popular. Sports products have accounted for about 30% of the Lynx traded throughout the apparel category. For high-end sports brands, second and third tier cities precipitated a large number of fans. While these groups have the spending power, but really participate in sports brands rarely, online sales just to be the best way to Nike and other brands of high-end sports promotion in these densely populated places. Do not have to shop the store, and the latest styles can be synchronized through the network, to bring more consumer groups. This way not only to deduct the winning competitor Nike could become a weapon, cheap toms shoes it could cope with the challenges brought about by the rise of local brands in a short time. NBA Finals ended at the same time, another

 war without smoke also concluded. Li Ning invested heavily succeed Anta, CBA league next five years to become the primary sponsor. The next five years, CBA All teams are wearing Li Ning. Li Ning dropped heavily in the end is how much? Anecdotal, is 5 years 2 billion, 400 million yuan per year. This number might differ, but generally not much. 7 years ago when ANTA CBA won the main sponsor of the rights, only less than 20 million annual investment. 7 years, growing into each CBA team, CBA gradually enhance brand value. If you press value accounting, seven years ago, each CBA team average annual investment of about 7 million; to last season, CBA17 teams average more than 35 million yuan has been invested. In other words, the brand value of at least 5 Fan

 doubled. According to this figure count, right now the main sponsor of the value should be between 100 million-100 million 50 million. 400 million yuan each year, equivalent to at least the estimated value of the two has turned a somersault. This is the industry's largest sports market questions. The deal, Li Ning is not expensive to do? To be honest, really expensive enough. That's because they do not Guimai not come. This past season, the CBA, is known as the most influential in the history of CBA season, eventually winning MasterCard Center in Beijing,  toms shoes mens the impact of CBA in large metropolitan markets pushing on a peak. Have this background, the price tag would add a layer. Then comes just infront of the operating company and the CBA contract expired CBA

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