the London Olympics is the time to go to from fenshav's blog

 the London Olympics is the time to go to war, how should these brands identify their marketing positioning, these have yet to be examined in depth industry. In fact, mature companies in addition to sponsoring  nike magista obra fg sponsoring theory requires its own funds, but also have one to three times to prepare additional marketing funds to strengthen this effect; and finally, local sports brand also consider whether there is sufficient expertise to the entire sponsorship to do so invested to achieve maximum output. SMEs up to billions of dollars in huge amounts of money invisible threshold, as well as a large number of giant strength competitor is cross in front of a stumbling block for SMEs. Title sponsor, partner, designated products, advertising, sports celebrity endorsements,

 etc. These traditional way for SMEs to participate in the Olympic Games can not afford, a business must complete the required import time Olympic marketing is relatively long, therefore, a considerable number of small and medium companies believe that the Olympic marketing and sports marketing is big business thing, only to watch the part of SMEs. This concept is largely hindered many businesses occasion of Olympic marketing, corporate marketing, with the Olympic nike mercurial superfly fg Games is not to their size, but that could find a suitable and perfect docking with the brand platform. In fact, SMEs do not have to participate in the Olympic sponsorship racking his head, squeezed into a large list of sponsors, in fact, big events such as the Olympic Games this kind involves

 a wide range of SMEs with their own advantages can seize more events surrounding resources . Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Yunlong Garment Co., general manager of Long recent good mood, by his last batch of factory production, 15,000 football fans and clothes, was transported to London Olympic stadium and around the world. At this point, any of the dragon for the successful completion of this total 127,000, involving 17 countries, serving Olympic fans task orders. "The total amount of the order of $ 100 million and the total amount is quite large, from last year to begin preparations for this order of." Long said either. In addition, a company called Ningbo Gallop business clothing manufacturers won the London Olympic Games torch 500 sportswear production

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