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calligraphy on the receiving awards. The whole left shoulder since the beginning of the dragon, the leading head to the sky, the tail winds to the cuffs, the dragon and the Chinese calligraphy pictographic charm reflects the mood to the extreme. The tail section of the Thames will be more into the  air jordan 3 image of London strokes, the Chinese culture and London landmarks subtly fused together, meaning Chinese dragon Brilliantness the Thames; look champion Long dress zipper chest area, you will find another a "dragon" mark, after carefully selected designer fabrics, textures, especially showing Interfax texture; cloud patterns collar at the 2008 Olympic Games on the one hand to accept the award derivative suits, on the other hand with the overall shape of the dragon, dragon clouds constitute a magnificent sight; LingJiangFu English CHINA font back into the Chinese dragon design, both the English alphabet, is about to fly out of an Oriental dragon. Cultural

 integration in Britain again to the extreme; the Olympics is not only to show the strength of the national sports arena, but also the stage of the world's diverse cultural, Anta hope Chinese sports delegation wearing "Champion Long service" to the world output of Chinese Dragon Culture the essence of traditional Chinese culture show the charm. If we say that the upcoming Olympic Games in July ignite the flames of war, then the London Olympics sponsor, "Running", as early as the end of the Beijing Olympic Games four years ago, had already started. For example, the Chinese delegation the most attention, the players dress in costume Anta podium; Li Ning grabbed gymnastics, diving, table tennis, shooting, badminton, five branch "Gold Dream Team" sponsorship rights

. Moreover, Anta, Li Ning, and other domestic sports brand has also sponsored a number of foreign delegations or sports teams, will debut along with them to London. Olympic sports brand sponsors In fact, air jordan 6 there are more than two-thirds of sports equipment and apparel are made by Chinese companies on this year's Olympics, the Chinese enterprises can say is behind the London Olympics biggest "invisible" sponsors. On the London Olympics, there are more commodities, sports equipment, engineering and construction are all from China. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to make several major sports brands have earned pours a moment, however, is different from the Beijing Olympics, this year's London Olympics for local brands, or the lack of home-court advantage,

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Dec 25 '15
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