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I would like to start with saying that I'm very interested in the game,but the "FPS" and lag that I encounter are really annoying therefore I cannot fully enjoy the game.

This game is intended to be "AO Gold" meaning it will be on mac,linux,windows,tablets,phones etc..right?Well my question is that why do I get so little frames per seconds on a computer?I do know that my computer isn't some gaming machine,it's an ordinary computer with decent parts.

Games like Paladins,Torchlight,Path of Exile,Ghost Recon Phantoms,Orcs must die Unchained,Duelyst,Tribes Ascend,Smite,Battlefield 3,Infinity Wars,Tera,Dragomon Hunter,ELOA and games alike I can usually run at medium to high or just medium.My computer specifications are as it follows:

-Operating system:Windows 10 / 64bit

-CPU:Intel Celeron G1620 / 2.70 GHz


-Motherboard: MSI H61M-P20

-Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GT 610

Another problem is the lack of options in the game,currently there is just to set your texture quality and shadow quality.Which don't give you much to work with,because the game looks like crap without shadows to get Albion Online Silver. Is there anyway to increase the performance of the game?By the way when you could see your ping in the game mine would usually be at 150(I am from Europe). Am I somehow on the wrong server or something? In other games when I play on NA servers I get around 110ping at most.

I don't know if they plan on optimizing the game or not but I would like to know if there is something that I can do to increase my FPS and lower my ping in the game so that I don't get lag and stuff alike.

I have similar hardware with Windos7 / 64 bit. The main problem is the VGA. Nvidia GeForce GT 610 is a very slow card. I used a 8 years old graphics card and I had 20 fps. I bought a GT 610 and I got 15-18 fps. My suggestion for you, try to get a better VGA.

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