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The middle one isn't decent at all, I know you're trying to be helpful, but OP please, IF after a purchase of 75 euros (I'm euroman, so that's what we're using), you'd EVER over the lifetime of BnS think you'll spend 45 euros in subscription, NCoin purchases, or even NCoin purchases for other games, do not listen to this guy.

Initiate = if you want to play in beta weekends but don't feel like spending too much money (completely fine!)

Disciple = if you don't know how to math or feel like giving NCSoft money for no reason, or you don't want to spend more than 75 euros over the lifetime of the game, but do want to spend it all in one go, as a sort of one-time purchase.

Master = Best value for money if you're ever going to spend that much, pay 45 euros more than Disciple, and you will get 60 euros worth of NCoin more (already 15,- profit on the first point), 2 months of sub for free (yes im using free, the NCoin already broke us even need Blade And Soul Gold), free skins, higher premium tier, more bagslots, more character slots, second name reservation slot, an extra customization voucher, and some shitty title.

So if you're going beyond initiate, go all the way and roll master, you're likely the kind of guy that would buy NCoin or subscription over the course of the game anyways, you've just saved money in the long run.

The CBT access and 3 day headstart are fairly straight forward, if you're interested enough in the game then the initiate pack is all you need. If you think that you'll really like the game but still a little hesitant whether you'll commit in the long run, then the Disciple pack is probably what you want. I don't care too much about the titles and stuff, but I do really like the idea of the Name Reservation slot. Being the only one in your region across all servers with your specific name is pretty neat. The few extra char slots are probably great too. 2 is way too little.

Perhaps the price is a little steep, but you do get a bunch of things out of it, so it's just a matter of playing the game enough to justify the price. The game will be F2P anyway, so it's only a one time thing.

If you know you'll be hardcore, just go for the expensive one I guess. In yesterday's livestream they said you get 90 EUR worth of NCcoins or whatever they are called in the pack and you get a bunch of extra stuff, so it's probably worth it.

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I prefer Black Desert over Blade-Soul. While the B&S alpha was alright, I can see the P2W features a mile away and while most people are complacent with that, it's too much for me.

I'd rather B2P like with Guild Wars 2 and not face things like bots and P2W shops while still being able to further support the game with a cash shop for cosmetics.

Also these two games are wholly different from each other. Other than both of them being MMORPGs, there's really not a lot to compare. Blade & Soul is largely based around it's dungeons where Black Desert doesn't have any and instead opts for world bosses. There's also a lot of other things to do in Black Desert to gain EXP (fishing, farming crops, merchant trading, ect) that B&S simply doesn't have.

When it comes down to it it's really all about what you want personally in a game because no one will force you to put up with something you don't enjoy

You can pay as much as you want in BnS but i will still own your sorry butts with free account in arena if you two are so noob that you think those things are pay to win.

On the contrary, BDO is a huge farming game and open world pvp is the ultimate end game. If i am willing to get more Blade & Soul Items, i can pay farmers to farm for me and since main pvp are gear based and skill cap is lower than BnS, i will literally own you with my bought gear. This is why BnS arena has equalized gear so gear doesn't matter in serious competition.

If you think buy to play stop this... easily get around with. A guild can be a farming guild who ally with a pvp guild for protection. Then the farmers can easily feed items to the buyers. Even if the admins find out, how do they verify it? Its not like theme park games where if you sell a high price thing for 1coin, its obviously suspicious. Here guilds ally and make concessions all the time similar to Eve online.

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NCSoft, after explicitly stating that they "won't censor Blade and Soul", decided to basically completely rewrite the entire story. Without spoiling the story, basically they went from a story where your character does immoral things, has to make tough choices, etc, to a generic "good vs EVIL" theme.

Any times in the story where your character did something unethical, it was replaced with something else.

It essentially feels like a generic shonen anime now. The story isn't exciting or unique at all anymore, it's a huge insult to the original author. Your character is some shining example of a perfect human being, a hero, and everyone that opposes him/her is evil.

So they spent years looking for stuff deemed offensive with Blade And Soul Gold, and rewriting the entire story, and editing in game things like animation accordingly.

Blade and Soul easily could have came out in 2013, or 2014, but they spent so long finding content to censor when they explicitly stated there would be no censorship. Talk about baiting people into founder's packs at Blade-Soul.

I am disappointed that they are censoring the game. It's not as though the West is less accepting of sexual innuendo in comparison to the East. However, the West does seem to have more sensitive people that ruin experiences such as this for all of us.

That being said, myself and I'm sure many others, will be playing this game for it's competitive PvP and good combat. Blade and Soul does its Arena PvP correctly and there is not another MMO that comes close to its competitive feeling. The game is one of the top played games in Korea for that reason and I'm sure it will thrive in the West as well.

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I played Tera until a little before the brawler patch, I got the "master of time & space" title and dropped the game completely as a main PvE'er I felt I had nothing more to do. I loved the combat, I mained Lancer and its the most fun I've had in a game for a long time. Dungeons in Tera is where the game shines, very good fights with plenty of great mechanics, they keep everyone on their toes atleast until you overgear stuff, I think BnS doesnt give you that experience with the help of Blade & Soul Gold. That feeling you get when you kill Darkan HM, yeah not sure, I have yet to experience this in BnS but I honestly have faith it will happen.

I will admit I'm a BnS noob since I just started to play on CBT2, but my impressions of the game were very good right from the start, I played only KFM to 45 and Assassin to 23, other classes in the 15 ish'es.


Started as an Assassin and man was I having fun, the combat requires precise timing, and a sequences of skills gives you sometimes different results than other sequences of skills, it makes you feel like youre playing a fighting game instead of an MMO. This was new to me, the combat was fast, required skill, and it punishes you if you dont perform correctly, I'm not using the word "punish" in a negative light btw, I actually love this.


My second class was a Kung Fu Master, I actually dropped my Assassin at 23 because I though well, I should try other stuff, and I loved KFM instantly, KFM is a VERY punishing class when it comes to ping and timings, but its so rewarding when you land things just in time. I use to hate PvP but that changed in this game, yeah I suck, but I have so much fun with KFM that it doesnt matter.


BnS follows several staple formulas used in MMO's, Questing, gear grind, etc. But the combat is SO GOOD, that it doesnt matter without the help of cheap Blade And Soul Gold, It carries the whole game.

TLDR: Tera and BnS similarities end with them being both MMO's from korean devs, BnS combat is so good it carries the game. I prefer BnS I', having so much fun.

Edit: By the way what I meant with no RNG costumes was, theres no RNG boxes in the store that you buy for the chance of a costume akin to gambling

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Cmon, NCSoft, you guys did it with Aion and it didn't work out so you removed it from your western release of Aion. Please, please for all of us having issues with it, remove this. It's never been proven to keep out hackers and has a higher success rate of getting people banned that have been playing legit. It's hurting your game and playerbase.


Not only is this software currently giving you an immense amount of bug reports for Windows users but it's also the single piece of software that's keeping us Linux users from being able to enjoy the game as well you have a lot of Blade And Soul Gold. Devs, I'm sure you're all aware of the Russian localization client versions that were out before the release of which will not be mentioned any further due to their nature. This game runs beautifully through WINE for Linux users when GameGuard isn't keeping us from playing due to the way it works. GameGuard has single-handedly destroyed the ability for other platform users to play over 20 big name games.


Countless players are getting warnings from their virus scanners, having numerous bugs, and even many uninstalling and swearing the game off due to this small piece of software.


GameGuard is essentially a rootkit and shouldn't be necessary in order for the community to play and enjoy Blade And Soul. It wasn't a necessity for Aion and was removed. Please remove it from the western client like you did with Aion.


Do it to help yourselves, get rid of it before it becomes a stinking mess like it did in Aion. You'll have less bug reports to deal with Cheap BNS Gold, you'll have a happier community, and you'll also be supporting platform freedom to a certain extent, something which many, many major gaming companies have already done and in turn has gained them a stronger, larger playerbase.


For any committed BnS players who support the removal and/or replacement of GameGuard, please +1 this post and show your support so we can have this removed before live launches in January. If we do this now, we can see the game we've all become addicted to grow stronger.

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Monday, February 22 to Sunday, February 28

MapleStory will be having a second whole week of Hot Days! Get in-game for some great items!

Log in each day with a character Lv. 30 or above, and click the gift box icon on the left side of your game window to receive the following items! All rewards are untradeable, except for Spell Traces.

Monday, February 22 - 1 Hour 2x EXP Coupon (x3) (7-day duration)

Tuesday, February 23 – 2000 Reward Points Token (7-day duration)

Wednesday, February 24 – Character Slot Expansion Coupon (7-day duration)

Thursday, February 25 – 1 Hour 2x Drop Coupon (x3) (7-day duration)

Friday, February 26 - Spell Traces (x100)

Saturday, February 27 – Pendant of the Spirit (7-day duration)

Sunday, February 28 – Maple Teleport Rock (7-day duration). Plus select one additional reward from the items given Monday through Saturday!

If you obtain a Gift Box every day from Monday to Saturday, then on Sunday—in addition to Sunday's reward—you can select another gift! You can select one from all of the items that were given out from Monday to Saturday. You are not required to have received each day’s Gift Box on the same character in order to be eligible for the extra gift, but it does have to be with characters in the same world (multiple worlds in World Alliances don't count).

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