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So apparently my account, that I've had since Lineage II came out, is banned. For what? Well I haven't received an official answer yet, but all the transactions I did for NCoin since BnS came out has been refunded (these transactions were in game)......so I would assume my account triggered some kind of fraud protection. Cause thats what people do, they hack your accounts (get your email, pw, and pin code, and can verify your email because they have a different IP......./rolls eyes) and then decorate your characters, open up vault space, and get you a years premium membership.

I better get my account back. Since now NCsoft uses a master pw i can't log into any other games either.

I also already had 1700 BNS Gold sitting on my account from Aion for about a year or two. And used a $50 NCoin gift card from amazon.

All I know is expansion coming out soon and I'm locked out of my main account and no response from support yet. Which was another fiasco as you cannot make a ticket if your account is "blocked for suspicious activity".

My advice, get your NCoin from somewhere else......like amazon. No tax is a decent plus. Not like you get bonus NCoin from buying bulk from them like almost every other developer. And your account probably wont get banned when your itching to play. 

Are you sure you issueing bank for the credit/debit card didn't do that? If it was a lot of small transactions all to the same place and close to each other (within 2 weeks typically), it will trigger nearly every single issueng bank of potential fraud. If that's the case, NCSoft banned your account due to your issueing bank forcing a refund.

Sometimes it's set to be done automatically. I know mine was when I bought my founder's pack. Called my CC company and lo and behold, NCSOFT was listed as fraudulent. They lifted it off my account and problem solved.

Though it did rise already existing suspicions about NCSOFT. Why would they be on a blacklist in the first place? I can take some wild guesses, but I won't. 

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When the walls turn red, the boss will use this skill twice unless it rams directly into the red wall. Randomly target a party member. Induce knockback. If the boss charges into the red wall, it will enter a weaken state for 9sec. Deal damage to the boss as much as possible; only grab or seize the boss 1 sec before it wakes up.


Aura Burst: circular 7~8m aoe; induce knockdown; boost the boss’s attack.


Stampede: Summon 5 minotaur clones which charge in the frontal direction until they hit the wall; induce Blade & Soul Gold knockdown.


Iron Wall: surround itself with blue buff, which increases its defence. The buff is stackable; every time the buff stacks, a laser beam is generated and travels across the room. The boss goes into berserk when he accumulates 4 layers of buff. The buff is dispelled when the boss ram into Blade and soul gold a red wall.


Double Chop: Often use after frontal charge; 1st hit knockback and knockdown players behind the boss; 2nd hit knockdown the players in front.


Laser beam: temporarily paralyze players upon contact. Players can jump over the laser beam or use other dmg resist skill. Appears after phase 2, and as the number of red wall decreases, the number of laser beam increases. However, as the boss ram into the red wall, the buff and laser beam will be dispelled.

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Both the Max guild and Prifdinnas centre with the lodestone are nice hubs with several useful features in near proximity to each other (potion decanter, bonfire, challenge master/mistress, Grand exchange clerks, bank, enchanter, holiday and th item holder, aura holder, various teleport portals for easy access to various content).

Combination potions - supreme overloads, perfect plus and super prayer renewals in particular - are great imo.

Harps are more for dyi focused players or ironmen I feel, though spending some time there to unlock a crystal hatchet and pickaxe if you want to have the highest level tools on your toolbelt isn't that RS Gold. The pickaxe isn't that useful as there are better means of earning mining xp such as warbands or lava geysers with skillchompas, but if you'll ever see yourself doing seren stones (as it doesn't require much effort and can be done while multitasking) or crystallising granite, it's worth getting.

If you'll ever consider slaying past 99 for fun or with a particular goal in mind Morvran is a nice upgrade from Kuradal.

Waterfall fishing provides the best xp rates for fishing at the levels required for each of area's spots.

If you're training farming Prifdinnas grants you access to 2 additional tree patches, Cheapest Runescape Accounts, a herb patch and a bush patch. Additionally if you're fortunate enough to recieve a crystal acorn you can plant it in the crystal tree patch in prifdinnas centre, which will regrow each day allowing you to harvest one crystal blossom from it per day for 15k farming xp.

The Tirannwn task sets also has some neat rewards like damage boost against dark beasts and being able to hunt grenwalls without the need to bait traps.

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Blade & Soul offers a PvE progression conducted by conventional bashing and gathering quests, regularly interspersed with scriptwriting phases to move between the various acts of the game. Numerous dungeons will also punctuate the progress, and will be a crucial aspect of player leveling. They allow players to obtain new equipment, as well as resources to improve their skills by Blade & Soul Gold. If you take these dungeons lightly, however, you might be in for a surprise. They will constantly require a good team synergy for players progress through them. Players will always need to communicate, deciding on who will interrupt or stun bosses, and when will be the best time to do it. Moreover, despite the fact that the game does not have a healing class, a party with good teamwork can easily rush through a dungeon without suffering any damage. This is especially noticeable in high-level dungeons, where a trained team will have no trouble managing the most powerful creatures with well placed blocks and CC attacks.

Another of Blade & Soul's strength lies in its confrontations between players. Unlike many other MMOs, PvP is here much more matter of personal skill than gear, the latter having virtually no impact on battles between players. This philosophy is also largely responsible for the success of the game on the Korean, Chinese and Japanese e-sports scene, where the Arena mode is widely acclaimed by pro-gamers. Once past the level 22, the player is prompted via the main plot of the game to choose a faction. Once the choice is made, they are given a faction-specific outfit that automatically enters them in a PvP mode against other factions when worn. There are also outfits reserved for consentant PvP duels, allowing players to confront each other without any PK worries. Regardless, wearing the PvP outfit and fighting other players allows players to gain rank, as well as unlock new gear and abilities with the help of BNS Gold. The game further encourages PvP through daily quests and guild rewards. The system is even more interesting because it allows PvE and PvP players to evolve side by side without making them confront if they so choose.

Finally, there are also the PvP arenas 1v1 (directly accessible via the F9 key). Players that enter the arena are matched together according to their equipment level, meaning that a level 20 character may very well fight a level 45 enemy, and win. The matches consist of three rounds of three minutes each where winners will receive a PvP currency that allows them to improve their abilities or equipment.

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Blade dancer still mighty despot, the first three occupy the first and second, and winning are very high, it is the first metamorphosis 90% winning percentage, 20 former Communist occupy three seats!


Assassin week before last week's fires have decreased the number 20, the highest ranked behind in third, the total number dropped to four.


Kung Fu master in the first few weeks after playing a few weeks of soy sauce, a strong return this week, which occupy 20 5.


And before unpopular destroyer with Blade And Soul Gold, also it has emerged, the top 20 accounted for three. Summoner are still so strong, the top 20 accounted for four seats, but the ranking has dropped, unlike the last few weeks as the top 3 discharged.


The Force master indeed did in Blade and soul gold 20 before his face, physique or small group difficult withstood all ah.


It is worth mentioning that, this week, Blade master finally have a seat, the top 15, though not before 3, but in the end is to see hope, thank the great God Blade master proud.


This week the pattern now more in line with the general trend occupation, in addition to Force master PK regard, the various other professions have their own highlights, how to make good use of these highlights is the secret PK win. Equipment side, we are now forming, experts inside the top 20 equipment is certainly not bad, almost all the equipment, the next step is to understand the technical and vocational. From the current point of view, the main equipment is the blood stream + crit defense, of course, there puncture stream portion.


As Force master strengthen again, why did not the 20 seats it? Overall, Force master itself is a crit and attack by eating career, in the case of today's defense stream rampant, Force master difficult worn over other occupations. Own control skills and an instant outbreak of skills is relatively small, its resistance skills CD is longer and use no other professional convenience with Blade & Soul Items. Itself is difficult to manufacture good output environment, finally freeze opponents, a SS to eliminate opponents, and not so easy to think of frozen, hurt by palm Xuanbing simply not enough to see. Plus two weeks of maintenance, increasing the frozen state when QE can be lifted, no doubt to Force master worse, this is considered a very deadly thing, this is equivalent to the frozen state is a decoration for Force master, in your stack of ice during this time inside, lifting frozen skills already finished cooling, not frozen, Force master how to output ah! !

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Back when I had a much weaker PC, FX-8350@4.5Ghz HD7870 8Gb DDR3, the only places I lagged in TERA were Nexus and huge Guild fights at 50+ people, but even then shutting down the UI had allowed me to stay in the 20+ rather comfortably, which for some reason was feeling much smoother than the "normal" 20 fps sensation.

Now I have an i7-6700K@4.7Ghz (which I could most certainly push even higher since I never go past the 60° but cba), 16Gb DDR4, R9 390 and I can't really say that it's that much better in B&S when it technically should , I'm most of the time stuck at 60 with Vsync but in towns with barely 10~15 people around, not even concentrated on my screen mind you Blade And Soul Gold, I get drops. Let's not even talk about the Arena where if you stay for more than 6 or 7 matches your FPS slowly plummet for seemingly no reason, can be fixed by leaving/re-entering but you know, worth mentioning here.

Sure, TERA isn't a model of optimization (and I didn't even use guides like the above or anything), but it doesn't deserve the bashing it gets imo, especially compared to B&S.

Joking aside yeah, UE3 is infamous for its CPU hungry ways. Ask any TERA player. (Although I agree with what has been said this game runs MUCH smoother than TERA, trust me I can vouch for this.)

Now, I'm very, very bad with computer stuff. I'm proud that I can at least format my PC and follow simple instructions but. Seeing as both games run on the same engine, maybe someone that knows much more about this can help in the long run.

Here is the Optimization Guide I used for TERA. Maybe someone with better knowledge of this than me can use this to cross notes and help a bit with optimizing BnS? I'm not sure this is much help, as I said I know almost nothing about computers but just going to leave this here in case it is actually useful for someone to cross notes about UE3. 

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I honestly still don't get this argument. I've heard it for about a year now. Standard loot system is SO much more troll. All you do is click a button, no cost required, and whoever is on lady luck's side that day gets the loot. You can go weeks, maybe longer, without getting what you need. You could go the entire time getting absolutely NOTHING for all your time invested.

And then BNS comes around with a revolutionary system. Doesn't matter if you need what drops or not, doesn't matter if lady luck is on your side, you ALWAYS come away with some Blade & Soul Gold. You always get something for the time you invested in that dungeon. Sure, some people are dicks and bid on shit they don't need, but you know what? They're PAYING for the privilege of being an asshole. They don't just have to casually click a button and roll a 90 while you rolled an 87.

My best guess is people are just afraid of change. People would prefer to leave it up to chance rather than actually placing value on how much they want something or what their time is worth. Like, what the hell? There is literally nothing better about the need/greed system as implemented in every game ever over BnS's bid system.

Sure, you could class-restrict items in need/greed (and they could implement this in BnS if they wanted to), but few games do it. And you know what? If that item is worth anything at all, someone is still going to roll on it just to be an ass even if they already have it.

So sick of the whining about this. If you really hate this system that bad make a premade and change the loot setting to whatever you want. Bidding isn't the only system this game has.

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Anyway, the fact that the same can be done in rolling systems doesn't somehow mean it's not abuse, of course. And it's not just a waste of time. Imagine a bid-off between two or more party members starts at a mid-point in a dungeon, such as for a Soul Shield in Bloodshade Harbor, for more Blade-Soul Gold. None of the competitors can pass through the portal to the next area, because that will cancel their bid. You get 8 seconds per bid, and one person is deliberately bidding at the last second every time. That would almost certainly hold up the party for at least five minutes, and easily for ten. Nobody is prepared to wait that long for a party to progress. Many people would consider leaving the party if two of their party members were competing in a bid for that long.

And I know it feels good to suggest that somebody might not have been paying attention and that it was their own fault, but no, I was definitely paying attention. I did go with the lowest possible bid each time though. Sure enough, I probably wouldn't do the same thing again. But something as simple as a 0.3 second forced wait after a big bid jump would prevent this kind of abuse. It's a wonder this hasn't been implemented yet. 

If you don't like the bidding system, I suggest you find yourself some friends that are reliable and play with them to get what you need. Like me, I never have to bid for anything, nor my clanmates and reliable friends. 

I have seen clan people on cross server who try to fuck each other up by bidding against each other. The logic of being in the same clan and making 1 bleed for some shitty item that can drop again and again... 

The biggest issue I have with this system is people abusing it. Aka making the guy who wants a certain item pay higher than necessary. Especially at a fresh released end game, sure this can be only temporary Blade And Soul Power leveling, but it's still an issue. Well but it's indeed better than many loot systems. Sadly the 'need' and 'greed' system won't work in this game, because it does work well in ffxiv (in my opinion at least) 

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Before I begin with the guide, I would like to say that this build is just a recommendation and it is based mainly on my playstyle and from advice I gathered from other players. Feel free to experiment with it and suit it to your liking.

Most people tend to play Force Master as a pure DPS, forgetting that he has a lot of other useful skill which can make him shine in the battlefield.

But  unlike the other ranged classes (Summoner and the upcoming Warlock) who are easier to learn and play with Blade And Soul Gold, in order to tap into Force Master true potential and deal the highest amount of damage possible, while keeping your healthbar high, you need a lot of practice and concetration while playing him.

The reason behind this is because Force Master hidden power lies on good use of the frost and ember stacks you inflict.

The build I'm going to present is an all-rounder, balanced between fire and ice skills with

Frost Soul as a passive skill to help boost my ice skills which offer better CC and survailability.

For those who don't understand what I'm talking about: Force Masters who spend their skill points on Fire skills can achieve higher DPS than those who spend their skill points on Ice skills.

The difference is that Ice Builds usually have a greater advantage against bosses (and also kinda in PvP) as they can just permanently stand behind them and freeze them all they want.

So, in other words. Fire is great as DPS and Ice is great at tanking (yeah, you heard me right, you can tank bosses, if specced as full Ice) and support.


I've spent three point there, for the added effect of "Only detonates ember at 5 stacks", you need that so you won't lose your ember stacks on an enemy when you are using this skill for its other effects which affect frozen enemies.

I chose the T3F3 for  this skill , because it's better for killing bosses solo, has good damage, and inflicts ember stacks. Though T4F1 of this skill is better suited for clearing mobs, since it's AOE.

Double stun effect on this skill is really useful when you want to cc a boss when playing solo. Since, in orderto cc it you need to cast two skills on it with the same effect. With this skill path, you can do it with only one.

You don't want the right tree, because of the auto detonation effect of ember stacks, which can screw your combo pretty badly. Instead, T2F1 is ideal for many situations, it restores Focus, burns enemies (which can be used in other combos) and most important of all inflicts deep wounds which is really useful for bosses who regenerate a lot of health.

T2F3 path for this skill, for the healing and the focus generation per hit with Blade & Soul Power leveling, also I suggest going T3F3 as seen in the image in order to double the healing on critical hits.

I chose this path, because with the reduced casting time it offers, you can easily stack up to 8 stacks of ember to a burning enemy under 4-5 sec.

Since, I'm speccing based on the Frost Soul passive, this skill gets a damage buff, going down at the T3F2 path, allows you for faster casting which in turn allows for higher DPS output and because with critical hits , I can stack on frost orbs.

One point in this skill, for lower cooldowns and for extra distance.

You can choose to not spend any point in this skill if you play a DPS and spend them elsewhere. The reason why I did it is because of the added cc effects and the deflect.

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You can not get them from the level 45 faction dailies if you are 50, no. That doesn't mean an alt or 10 can't do the dailies...also, soulstones can be farmed at 50 - takes maybe the same time to get the same amount we do now, except you can do it literally all day if you want. Soulstones have been in the mid 20's in TW for example for a very long time...except golds value is significantly less in TW than NA/EU for obvious reasons -making the relative price extremely cheap. 

Yeah the markets are really being F'd up with the content releases so fast - we need more sources for soulstones that ARE NOT PvP - I'd even take an RNG box that drops them like candy so the price goes down - it is going to take me forever to upgrade my gear even with 3 alts doing faction dailies (I hate PvP, so screw Arena.) Honestly they should have made it easier for our release to upgrade our gear - kind of crappy that we get this severely compressed schedule to 50 but no relief on materials? 

That is what bothers me with this game - why is the best way to get items needed to upgrade your gear that has NOTHING to do with Arena AT ALL...from arena - do people not see how @#$@# stupid that is? Make some more costumes and titles to make the arena people happy and move some of the Blade-Soul Gold to PvE - there needs to be more PvE sources of soulstones which are used primarily for PvE gear...you would think that would make sense - logic and all.

Also, PvP is not the main focus of this game - if it was faction warfare would not be a complete joke - PvE is clearly a HUGE focus of this game based on development for it ...and apparently they need PvE incentives for people to bother doing Arena...please put 2 and 2 together to see how popular Arena is to the playerbase at large (not just our region.) 

I've been farming BW nonstop Fri-Sun, exchanging BW Essence for SS, and getting the (Gold) Zen Bean Pouch about every other day. The 5k Zen Bean skill for Sin is shit, but am I overdoing it? It's a very tough call on whether or not I should be stockpiling the Zen Beans/Essences themselves, and whether or not to sell SS while the prices are high. 

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