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That actually may be a skill issue rather than a client problem Shiune. For the poison to land, the throwing mine must be thrown, land AND explode, but you can fire off Hook Kick before the mine even lands, so the target won't count as being poisoned. we're talking about skills having actually hit and yet been ignored (knife into drain or leaf into dash). The game hasn't updated the position of the player/target or the target's status fast enough in these cases. As far as I can get more BNS Gold, throwing mine is a relatively slow animation compared to the other 0.1-0.3 sec that seems to be the norm for sin skills. 

I could be misunderstanding you, in which you fire hook kick immediately as the bomb lands and detonates, in which case yeah it would be a lag issue where the game hasn't updated the target's condition to poisoned quick enough for hook kick to proc restealth.

The throwing mine into hook kick is the exact same problem as the throwing knife into shadow drain actually. It becomes much more noticeable in pvp when you use venom swarm into hook kick. If you do it to fast you will fail to stealth because the target got updated to a poison status to slow. I'm 100% sure that sin is the most bugged class in this game. For example there is another bug where if you place your flower down in arena and then do an air combo, on your skill bar the flower will have the icon that it normally has when it's NOT placed yet. 

Now when you land from your air combo and spam your flower button you will place down a second flower instead of teleporting to your active flower (the first flower will remain on the ground until timed out so you can actually see both flowers on the ground). Now this also happens when you've been launched into the air by an enemy so take this scenario to Buy BNS Gold: I place down my flower and get thrown into an air combo in a bad spot > I f roll when I land and spam my flower button to get into a better position > instead I place down a second flower and I'm stuck in the bad spot and get shit on. Now we also have the famous cat grapple bug where you can't tab out of a cat grab and many more minor bugs. I hope these bugs get some attention in future patches. 

Apart from lag, it also seems like you loose stealth if your enemy turns while your using your shadow dash. You gain stealth at first, because you are behind and then you loose it again, because you no longer are. Threw lag you probably get the same result, just that it might be less understandable at times. 

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Yesterday I was playing normally and all. When I tried to login today I couldn't due to incorrect information and I assumed it was a bug so I changed my password and my pin code and I logged in. I found that I have to enter OTP Authentication code even tho I don't have one, so I cancelled it and logged in to my account when I found all my BNS Gold was gone (except for a few silver) and all my tradeable  items were sold just like that! I don't have friends whom play the game so no one alive knows my login information not to mention my pin code. I contacted the support but no answer until now but I'm assuming that I'm not getting my Blade & Soul Gold and stolen items back. It's really frustrating to find your game effort just gone and I was disappointing in the game's security system. Is there anyone can confirm to me that there's a chance for all my items to be back? 

If you have access to e-banking, you might wanna check your balance. AND DO THAT FROM YOUR MOBILE OR SOME OTHER PC/LAPTOP. DO NOT USE THE SYSTEM FROM WHERE YOUR BNS ACCOUNT GOT HACKED. This is absolutely important.


Scan your system for keyloggers. Hijack This or Malwarebytes are good softwares for this. I personally use Malwarebytes, but Hijack This is good as well, I have heard.


In case your bank balance have been cleared, there is little option other than requesting your bank for a chargeback. This will lock down your BnS account, so that is the cost of chargeback.


Edit - If you are using HijackThis, use the one from Trend Micro, not some other fake version. Better if you directly download it from Trend Micro website.

I'm not entirely convinced the people who hacked my account actually used my password, but it is possible since it was a standard password I use for game accounts.  What I do know, is that the hacker was able to get the code to access my account from an unauthorized IP address without logging into my email, or was able to bypass that security measure altogether.  I used a much higher security password for my email which I do not use for any other accounts, I verified that my email had not been logged on from any devices other than my own, and my computer is completely clean according to Norton Security Suite.  Blade and Soul support continues to treat EVERYONE, however, as if their email account HAD been compromised or that their computer has a virus.  This is probably true in most situations, but THIS WAS NOT THE CASE FOR ME OR ANYONE I KNOW.  Also, since I was able to bypass the two factor authentication the hackers used after recovering my account simply by supplying a code sent to blade and soul gold farming, I am pretty certain that hackers would be able to defeat two factor authentication in the same way that they are able to log in from unauthorized IP addresses without requiring access to our email accounts.  In short, NCSoft and Blade and Soul CANNOT BE TRUSTED.  I still play the game occasionally because I like the game, but I will NEVER trust them with a credit card again, and I expect my account will be hacked again in the future even though I now use two factor authentication.

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Blade & Soul introduced a quite unique and highly addictive way of obtaining some rare outfits, evolution material weapons and accessories and Shield pieces. We played around a few hours with these spinning wheels and these are our findings.

Wheels of Fate are located in some of the major zones of Blade & Soul and by obtaining certain types of essences you are able to spin them and receive various nifty R4PG BNS Gold. Some of these rewards are essential to obtain as they are required to evolve our weapons and accessories.

We can already encounter a Wheel of Fate around level 8 in Foshi Pyres where we can obtain one of the best-looking outfits, the Jiangshi Raiment and also the first weapon that is necessary to evolve our class weapon.

The essences that are required to spin the Wheel of Fate are acquired from World Bosses that spawn very often, usually with more BNS Gold. Most of the times, you will find plenty of players who are grinding these bosses (mainly on Channel 1) and you don't even need to group up to receive the essences.

As I am fond of killer outfits, I actually spent days grinding some of the World Bosses to obtain them, including the Wolfskin that drops from the Wheel of Fate located at Lilystalk Tradepost in Lycandi Foothills. For this specific outfit, you will need to hunt Fallen Sacred Beast Lycan the Mighty. What a name, right?

There are other decent outfits that drop from Wheels of Fate, like the Stinger which can be obtained near Yehara's Mirage in the Cinderlands.

Whether you succeed in getting these rare items from the Wheel of Fate or not, entirely depends on your luck, but the higher level outfits seem to have very small drop rates and most of the time you will be getting BNS Power leveling and weapon chests that not always drop items that match your class.

As long as you manage to find some players around to kill the World Bosses, you should gain plenty of useful stuff from the Wheels of Fate, but be warned, you might just get addicted to it.

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1. Gameguard. It's bad. It's ALWAYS been bad. There is not a single game this crapware has ever been implemented in where it's done one bit of good and B&S obviously is not going to be the exception. Turn the damn thing off and let the legitimate players be at peace like the bots.


2. Bots. They're there, there's a lot of them, GameGuard /obviously/ is not the answer. What's the plan?


3. Hackers. See #2.


4. Slow Upgrades. As it stands, around the time you hit Siren/Pirate gear a player begins looking at a week+ to afford a single upgrade. It's not like this is end-game legendary gear we're talking about, it's barely mid-game. Grind with no sense of progression is no fun.


5. Economy Imbalance. Tied to #4. The slow progression begins to create a massive power gap - the strong (those who can do 4-mans) get wealthy as only they can gain the materials needed for upgrades in any significant quantity (as an example, a single lair 4-man run yields a minimum of around 14g - as much bns gold as I can get doing dailies all day long). You see people with 530AP and thousands of blade and soul gold making tens if not hundreds more each dungeon run, and you see people with 410AP spending their next week grinding that 40g out for an accessory upgrade. The gap is only widening. Very unfriendly to new players.


6. Faction Imbalance. Several servers are seeing a massive faction imbalance that has players/clans switching in droves as it is, quite literally, impossible to progress in the less popular faction.


7. No vote-kick in cross-server. AFK'ers... AFK'ers everywhere.


8. Ability for randomly selected "leader" to change loot rules in cross-server. Why is there even a leader here?


9. Cross-server allowing massively under-geared players to queue. 340 AP is not adequate for yeti. Why is 340AP in yeti?


10. Class Imbalance. "Lair 4 ranged only need WL".


EDIT: 11. Profile Pictures. When are we getting these back, and will we still be able to upload custom images? (The correct answer to the second part, NC, is "yes". Any other answer is unacceptable.)

That may be so, but the fact of the matter is they're both still issues players are facing. Personally, I think addressing #9 (under-geared players being able to queue cross-server) would solve a lot of it. If it was pretty well guaranteed that the party had the resources to complete the dungeon assuming the skill level was there some folks might be a bit more confident in joining for higher level content, and some other folks might be a bit more willing to run with them.


#7 (vote-kick in cross-server) would help a lot as well. If one person is clearly, or even intentionally holding the group back (we've all seen that 340AP with no experience in Yeti who won't buy DB even after the third wipe) and refuses to leave of their own volition, they could be removed.

- See more at: http://www.blade-soul.com/news/issues-that-deserve-blade-and-soul-dev-responses#sthash.dQLtoGvp.dpuf

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I haven't completely stopped playing yet, but my enthusiasm for the game has taken a nose-dive. The game BnS I absolutely love but it is becoming clear NC is a problem. 

I have 3 accounts. 1 Premium, 1 formerly Premium and a F2P. I'm cancelling Premium on my final account when it expires for several reasons. I haven't even logged into my other 2 accounts for nearly a month.


1. First and foremost is the way NC is managing this game. Lack of communication, poor customer support, and that every decision made seems to be centered around how to pad the bottom line instead of invigorating the player-base.


2. Hiding things that shouldn't cost the player money behind things that actually cost the player money. The inter-account mail issue is probably the most glaring for me. Since launch we should have had the ability to mail our alts without charging NCoin. This broken system has been incredibly profitable for NC thus any time the subject is brought up, we are met with complete silence. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have sent a ticket about the inter-account mail system, the VERY FIRST RESPONSE from their CS is "Buy NCoin". Another of these is the gem slot/gem hammer problem. Without any warning what so ever (people who played the other regions don't count), NC implemented a system where items you purchase with RMT can be taken away with a simple RNG roll and will cost you 5-10X as much to replace at the level they are removed.


3. Progression Wall due to pushing out content so quickly. My first 45 was incredibly easy to gear in preparation to 50. My second 45 was incredibly easy to gear in preparation to 50. I have been leveling a new character that I started after the latest expansion patch and it is a complete nightmare. I am constantly underfunded for my level. I am having a hell of a time filling spots for (I can't believe I'm going to use this word after only 3 months) "legacy" or leveling instances. Much of the materials used to fund progression pre-50 has been moved to out of reach areas or market priced out of range due to scarcity.


4. GameGuard. NC willfully installed a 3rd party rootkit with no 3rd party EULA, no way to uninstall completely without manually editing the registry, and has a history of conflicting with or disabling security software leaving player's computers vulnerable. There has been much discussion on the forums and other venues about GG and it's problems but some of my own have been things like: Frame stuttering, input lag, having to completely delete my razor software, random conflicts and closures of my AV and Firewall programs, and has even gone so far as to on several occasions close my Fan Control Software.... yes, GG wanted to let the Magic Smoke out of my CPU.


5. Upgrade Wall: alot of people and i mean alot of people are hitting the upgrade wall where they need 600 or more blade and soul gold JUST to upgrade to next tier, and that's a daunting task, even if you do every daily that's only what 30-40 bns gold a day? getting 600 is crazy i mean its kind of nuts...


So really, I would have loved to go all-in and spend my disposable income on this beautiful game, but because of the way NC has been managing this train wreck, I'm pulling out of funding anymore of their horrible decisions. It's all the little things that add up over time so I'll just go non-premium/F2P for now and see if they pull their heads out at some point in the future.

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Please try to report as many bots as you can and please do not buy BNS Gold from these websites!

Look at it this way. These bots, which are by the hundreds, if not thousands, are taking up places in game from other players. They are contributing directly to the queue problem.

The way I see it, the more reports NCSoft gets on a player the faster they are to ban them.

"But they'll just make another account."

True, but look at it this way:

These websites aren't players. They're not here to play the game. They are here to do business. And in busyness time=money. If they lose more time than they make money eventually they will either give up or reduce their efforts.

Unfortunately this is a marathon, not a sprint. But with a little bit of effort from all of us we will be able to kill two birds with one stone. We will get rid of the spam and we will reduce queue times

I've been reporting them whenever I see them, although admittedly a lot of the time I don't come by them because I don't check zone and faction chats that often. What kind of holds me back Blade And Soul Power leveling, however, is that I'm worried that if I "report & block" them all, I'll end up with a full block list that have I have to take the time to clear. It's not the end of the world, but it's a bit of a hassle. I certainly wouldn't mind having an infinite block list. Or at least handy tools to be able to clear large numbers of people from my block list.

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The profanity filter blocks the strangest things but they can't come up with a way to block spammers? 0.o?

It's really becoming an annoyance. Getting spammed the second you log in is really a turn off as is spending 5 minutes trying to block / report it all. The only other option is to switch to my Clan window which has Region and Faction disabled but that means if other players outside of my Clan need help then oh well, SoL, and I don't like that.

They need to pay to have a GM monitoring every server's chat and issuing bans. Yes it will cost them a bit right now but if they make the effort now it'll save them down the road both in terms of making it clear to spammers they aren't welcome and to the players as it would show they actually care and will take action. 

I saw on the main forums 2 days ago a post about the issue. Second reply was from the devs and they said they were fully aware of the issue to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. Currently they are working on a solution and looking at options. Unfortunately no time frame was given. Spammers are spreading like a disease. 

No and double no. None of the bots will be using legitimate clients. All will be cracked to bypass things like this and most other solutions offered. This is also how they are able to make names not generally accepted by the server as well. As for processing load I have no idea what you're talking about and you don't seem to either. That will amount to an extra hundred MB of data sitting in an SQL server somewhere and will have zero impact on server processing, they simply can't expand it because the publishers have no idea what they are doing and refuse to pay someone who does. 

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I used to be somewhat against per job lockouts (though for the life of me I can't remember why), but I'm actually rather in favor of them now. I've never really liked farming Trial battles for weapons for my alt jobs (as I prefer to do Trials on my main which usually has no need of the weapons, since it always gets tomestone stuff first), and as a result, my alt jobs have been sitting at i180 weapons for a long time, which is starting to make things a little choppy, especially on my tank and healer, which are my third and fourth alts in terms of priority.

Especially if they continue with job-locked tomestone gear, I can't think of any reason a per-job lockout would be Final Fantasy XIV Gil, though I do suppose it would somewhat devalue gear from the 24-mans. There are some players who would feel a need to cap on all of their jobs every week, so I suppose they could implement something like a 3 job maximum.

I completely agree. The great thing about XI was that you could play, and gear properly, several jobs at the same time. I'm thrilled that XIV lets us "do everything on one character" as well, they make it far too difficult to properly gear anything outside of your main class. 

I have a few classes at 50 that I've been wanting to level up and play, but then I think about the gear, and how it will always be so far behind and "gimp", I just don't bother. 

If they insist on keeping the caps in place, I'd love to see them at least make that cap PER JOB (as mentioned above). That would give people so much more flexibility, and actually help the game in the long run.

In my opinion there should be a lockout of 1 for each job seperated, so if you want multiple lockouts you have to run the duty with multiple jobs, maybe just your first roll on lockout can be need and rest just greed. And maybe a rais of the cap for tomestones for each job on the respective level but with a max cap after some jobs on the respective level, maybe max the caps up to the double by max +50 to cap for each job on respective level.

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