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From a pool of 2500 people (Unless you meant 25,000?), when some servers hold over 3000+ people in other MMO. I recall Ragnarok Online holding over 11,000 on the server Chaos, back in 2001-2002.

World of Warcraft servers held 3000-7000 players each (Latter being prime hours).

I am more worried about those other servers with low population. Assuming we end up with a full server, will they lock it up like most MMO do and allow people to transfer for free for BNS Gold, while people re-distribute themselves on the other servers? Or will this be the typical Korean MMO deal of "let it sort itself"?

'Cause if the latter... we have a serious problem.

If NCSOFT is reading this, as they normally do, I would like to chip in the suggestion of mega servers. Though I am sure this is likely already in their minds.

I dont think that matters. Well atleast for eu. But you gotta remember if there is 25k characters made in total, you can probably say the real player count is around 60% of that or something because people reserved 2 names. 

What comes to the initiate ppl joining today and f2p players later, i dont think premium ppl will face any real ques because of Blade & Soul Gold. Iniative people dont have premium and they will sit in separated que. 

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First, to the people that might tell me to go find another game to play(or just being rude): I've already decided to play the game. 

Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi and ask a few questions. I'm not currently playing the game because my Satellite Internet only allows me to Upload/Download around 20 Gig a month and I the expansion that is supposed to come out next month is very big, I might have to wait till July to Finnish downloading everything.


My first and most important question is, with this game being located in Korea (? I think that's where it's from) will my Satellite Internet screw with the game to the point that it's unplayable?


Usually run between 700-1,400ms latency and I really don't know how multi-country games work when I'm in the country that does NOT have the game located their. I'm planning on just making a toon as Free-to-play(dislike all FtP btw), to see if the game is viable for me once i download the game(Will Sub if it is). And yes, i know all about Latency and Ping. Learned a lot about it playing the Endgame for  'Star Wars: The Old Republic', Even managed not to suck in Hard Mode Operations, Nightmare Op's i could never do though, and PvP was manageable, but a pain in my backside... damn sins.


I looked over the classes and think I'll play the Destroyer class as it has the simplest rotation and a but load of CC's. One thing though, with my latency issues would it be ill advised to play the this class as I might just miss with my CC's? Not shur if the class is that dependent on CC's for PvE.


From reading the Forums for this game at work I already know a few things what NOT to do.

I know not to place a bit on something and leave the instance(never played a game with a bidding system for loot before), and know that I should input my bid manually, I even have Teffy's reply in the forums talking about where to get loot/soulshields bookmarked. Looking for more posts for mat's too. Learned that I'm gonna need a LOT of Gold &/or a LOT of mats for gear :)


Anyway, I like a good story and even enjoy the Wardrobe Wars and this game has both to my liking.

One question on the Wardrobe: I've noticed a lot of people talking about Outfits. I'm assuming these are 1 item that gives a full complete look? or can you Mix and Match pieces? I like making mostly unique looks for my toons and make shur they all look different.


I think their was a few other things i wanted to ask/mention but i can't think of them at the moment, so guess that's it.

- See more at: http://www.blade-soul.com/news/shur-if-the-class-is-that-dependent-on-cc-s-for-pve#sthash.QMbfBhE3.dpuf

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Well, I hope you'll actually be teaching them how to do it not just saying stuff like "don't root" or "don't pin". 

I got really irritated when people told me not to stuff and wouldn't tell me why. 


And now that I'm a seasoned yeti runner, I can root as much as I want cause I know the FEW instances that you should not root and should not pin. so dumb. ._. 


Anyways, I just hope you understand every classes skill set to be able to provide the most accurate information for their specific class on yeti. 


Also, there's a lot of "preferred" tactics in yeti. 

For example: fm's and summoners usually don't party guard the party at 3rd heat yeti big jump (since this doesn't instant kill) because they save it for the Blade And Soul Items that happens seconds after that freezes everyone when you don't iframe it which will insta kill.  However, some do. and leave the cold blast up to the individual player. 

As well as "wait at 33percent". <-- which would depend more on your team comp and skills. (i.e. will your fm X-3 frost party, does your bm have hm block, #assassin, can summoner iframe 5 and party seed shroud). 


Edit: I also, hope you don't baby them with iframes too much (like if your clanmate is an fm, they could literally be headless chickens and no one would die). gotta learn how to maximize their class to help the party. Not learn the basics and get carried. 


Edit again: OMG. if you're training people with multiple of the same class. Remember that there are class-wide cooldowns like your soulburn cd is on everyone else in the party (other warlocks). This is the same for assasins smoke pellet, summoner's seed shroud, and I think fm's party frost, as well as other junk. So if you have multiple summoners, you don't want them to randomly party seed shrouding, because then the other summoner cannot use blade and soul gold farming. I've encountered this a lot in newbie 6 man's. where a summoner is randomly using party seed shroud for themselves (the party is not being attacked) and now I can't party seed shroud during the jumps or party save during the cold phase. 


Also, to anyone thinking about joining. 

The average 6 man yeti is 420AP. 

Since he's op as fk. you can probably be around 380-400AP and it would still be fine. So just post and see if he'll accept. 

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The more you play any game, the more things you will start catching onto, it could either be an "I wish this game has this thing" or a "why is this even in the game?", usually my thoughts when it relates to those 2 comments with any game stay fairly minor, but with BnS I've found my self consistently questioning the thoughts of the developers and why they decided to do the things they have with this game.

Bots, they're a massive issue in all versions of blade and soul, I've found my self thinking 2 main things so far, which is:

- Why have the developers been so adamant on not implementing a proper vote kick feature into the game? so far all players can do is kick an offline player, but the main problem is the online players that you want to kick, mostly it's kicking leechers which is a very common problem in this game, they will enter into a dungeon and just stand at the entrance, sometimes even "taunting" players to hurry up so they can get their free silver and exit. So what can players do about this? nothing at all unfortunately, not unless they want to leave and try enter another instance only to come across the same problem again, then there's also the bots entering dungeons and getting their free silvers at the end of each run, further adding onto the problem of how bots are very easily making BNS Gold on this game to RMT to players.

- How is it possible with how rampant the bots are, that the companys hosting their respective versions don't have an active GM in the game scouting out all active bot locations and manually banning them? players can report bots just fine, but the time it takes for them to get banned is too long, as most likely the gold from the bots would of been transferred onto what ever character(s) these RMT companys use to actually sell off.

There has been many suggestions on the forums mostly dealing with both leeching players and bots, such as to have a teleportal right before the boss room so that both potential leechers and bots have to make their way in the dungeon, it may not entirely fix the issue, but it may help elevate it. There has been the idea to have it so players have to deal x amount of damage to the boss to be able to bid for items at the end of the run, thus actually forcing any would-be leecher to pull their weight, this would even have boss monsters potentially kill the bots that try to do the boss which could stop them from bidding and getting silver splits.

Another complaint that's been something of a thing is the firewall that appears as soon as a player attacks a boss, it's safe to say that this is a pretty poor feature when they could of just easily have created a proper door that appears after perhaps 10 seconds, something similar to what Tera has and has no complaints about it, especially because it doesn't just outright kill the player that didn't make it through the "door" before some impatient player bum-rushed the boss.

The bidding system is something I like the idea of, mostly as it can help prevent people just rolling on gear they otherwise don't need or have no real use for and it helps players to actually get some income with each run as opposed to coming out of a dungeon run with nothing gained Blade And Soul Gold. The 2 small issues I have with it is that it has no wait timer in between each bid, so let's say that someone presses "Y" or enters a custom bid in, there should be some 1-2 second timer before someone else can bid. I've seen times where lowbies are spamming the "Y" key to instantly bid and someone has took notice of it, that player would then bid an obscene amount to trap someone into getting the next highest bid and potentially ending up with no money or forcing that player to exit the client before it goes through which could potentially have them kicked being offline and waste their run time.

The other thing would be to have an "are you sure?" notification before you place your bid, there will always be times where someone may not be paying attention and I've fallen into the trap my self, thus creating a situation where having both a wait timer and a notification could of saved both of us, the example being people were bidding normally on some low level item, I was going to hit 55 copper to start the bids quicker, I then saw that I actually hit 55 silver and because of the no 1-2 second wait timer before being able to put in another bid, the unfortunate person that happened to press bid just as I put mine in basically got screwed from it.

So many things could be fixed up on this game with just some small quality of life improvements like some I've mentioned, having a kick function is also a big one that I personally don't think should be left out of any game, some people may say that people will abuse the kick function and perhaps boot people out of dungeons for one reason or another, but at the same time people are easily prone to making a massive nuisance out of their self due to no kick function, such as with the picture above from a player on the forum showing some guy stood at the entrance of the cave that's leeching dungeon(s), then when the dungeon is finished you see they're clearly not afk as they're still there to bid on dropped items such as the expensive merry potter recipes, what makes it worse is the idea that this player could be sitting on a ton of R4PG BNS Gold whereas the players that did the dungeon may not currently have enough to even match the market price, thus giving this leecher his free winnings.

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LCS is 100% used for advertising purposes for their game, it loses them money, but they lose money 

because of how they do it, by paying their bns gold farmer. Opposed to every other game that runs tournaments and 

doesn't employ its players. They change that, they make more money.

It does not take 50 games to collect 6300 ip, unless you are bad and lose all 50 games that is. You can 

collect 6300ip playing 5 games of beginner bots a day for 6 days, I know this as that is how I unlocked 

all my characters, it is the most boring way but the most efficient way.

It does not take longer than 30 hours to lvl from 1 to 30, I have done it on 7 seperate occasions, the 

difference is you play the game modes meant to lvl up and not the game modes that are actually fun. If 

you bot, it takes less than 20 hours and with a half decent computer you can do 10 accounts in less than 

a day.

IP bosts, are more efficient if you play more and purchase the day packs correct, but there is no use to 

purchase them as it is very VERY easy to get BNS Gold. Playing for less than 2 years never spending a dime on a champion, I have every champion and every 

rune. People like you do not seem to understand the business model of the game. Riot makes money purely 

on cosmetics, IE SKINS, which is why they release 25+ of them a month, have multiple people working on 

them, and do not concentrate on creating more rp sinks because COSMETICS is all they sell to not give 1 

person an advantage over someone else. That is unless you think having a skin makes you play better.

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I really enjoy this game and I had no issues with the grind until now. The speed at which we've gotten content and the amount of time we have to catch up to the content is not enough. There isnt enough money in the economy to continue sustaining the ever-increasing prices that we have and I dont personally believe that this game will last long in this market because of that grind and issues that have been plaguing us all for months. People have already begun to leave and its started to become more noticeable this past week. 

But this game is being mismanaged by a company who by their actions still dont believe in this game and still dont believe it can work in the west. Otherwise, they wouldve catered to the market by fixing things that are in dire need of fixing (and before anyone jumps down my throat, look at the CN version and see how much work they put into catering towards that region's wants/needs BNS Gold). Sucks really. I've been waiting to play this game and I plan to continue playing it, but at the current moment in-game, it just feels like Im playing on a sinking ship. Hopefully, NCWest gets moving and tries to get some changes done soon. Content is nice and all, but its not everything. 

That's where the problem is. The low(er) levels should be able to spam the gear, then it should get progressively harder on the end Cheap BNS Gold. That's what you do in the end-game, run the repetitive content for gear and luxuries.

But the ultra-fast pace of the game specifically in the NA/EU without the relaxation of the gearing/crafting requirements on what now is the low level gear creates a situation when you have grind for level 45 competing for your time with the grind for level 50 content simultaneously. You have no easy access to necessities.

I don't know enough to give a summary, but one thing I remember very clearly is how hard it was to beat the Infernal Lord. It was very easy to get wiped completely during that fight. Basically it all depended on whether the party managed to respond to every one of the boss' attack rotations adequately. (And secondarily, whether the party had enough damage output, I guess. Because the Infernal Lord healed somewhat quickly.) A mistake would often mean you need more Blade & Soul Gold. There's one attack I've positively never seen the Infernal Lord do on NA/EU, even though it's probably still in the game but the boss never gets the time to do it because he gets killed before he gets a chance to do it. It consists of a number of ground pounds that affect the entire arena and deal a lot of damage. It was a matter of i-framing or using defence skills such as Ice Guard to stay alive, then going back to dealing as much damage as possible in order to defeat the boss before he would release a second deadly volley of ground pounds. I'm sure you can't imagine a butt-clenching Infernal Lord battle like that on NA/EU.

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This very special dungeon is highly anticipated for the challenge it represents. It is feasible only in solo and cut in stages more BNS Gold. This tower is a great workout to force him to adapt his skills depending on the situation and to surpass faces some difficulties. You may learn more about your skills because rush without thinking does not always suffice.

Other stages will follow, but to remain within the level 45, we will be limited to the first 7 floors with the ultimate Hado Chung, an expert in mastering the sword you have already met in the main frame. Mushin himself will be waiting on the 8th floor, but for that you'll have to be patient for the content to be accessed later.

The Arts Hongmoon allows you to continue to get experience beyond level 45 and unlock extra skill points to increase Blade & Soul items strength of your character. This update will unlock five levels in Arts Hongmoon you will get by completing a new quest.

Warning, it's not about levels of 45-50, they are extra skill points. Levels up to 50 arrive much later.

You may have noticed, the gains in PvP arena were missing. They arrive with this preseason which we do not have the details of super BNS Power leveling, but already the arena buffs can prepare for the challenge is there, and it also affects the PvE part of the game (objects necessary for crafts clan for example).



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As most of you are probably aware, the engine that Blade and Soul runs on has a noticeable amount of input lag with the mouse keys. You can test it yourself – stand still and mash your left click, observing your LMB skill. You'll notice that the blue highlight around your skill icon only flashes every ~200ms instead of whenever you press it. Then mash the R button (the alternate hotkey for your LMB skill) and you'll notice that it highlights much more Cheap BNS Gold. This can become an issue when doing things like Destroyer animation cancelling or stacking Force Master debuffs and you'll see many streamers and high ranking players opting to use their LMB/RMB skills with keyboard shortcuts instead. However, if you're like me and and are used to using the mouse buttons for mostly everything then you're out of luck.

There are two ways around this problem:

1) Constantly move around your camera while pressing your mouse buttons - for some reason this bypasses the 200ms delay. This can get really inconvenient as you might imagine.

2) Rebind your mouse buttons to keyboard keys. However, this prevents you from using your inventory and shops and whatnot, making it impractical.

In order to solve this, I'll be showing you how to configure a setup that lets you toggle your mouse buttons between your keyboard for combat and ordinary mouse buttons for using your inventory.

Step 0: If you haven't already, configure the keyboard shortcuts you'll be binding your LMB/RMB skills to. Go to Options -> Settings -> Key Bindings -> Skills: Contextual Skills 1 and 2 are your LMB and RMB skills respectively – as you can see I have mine bound to R and T. Make sure you are changing the shortcuts under Classic Mode and not BnS Mode.

Step 1: We'll be using a small piece of software called X-Button Mouse Control: Download and install it, should be pretty quick. (Before anyone tells me to get Blade And Soul Gold, I already tried to do this with an AutoHotkey script but it doesn't seem to work.) The only other way to do what we're doing is to edit the registry, and I'm pretty sure no one wants to do that while playing Blade and Soul. Edit: You must install this on the same drive that Blade and Soul is on!

Step 2: Open up the program - you may have to right-click it in the tray and select "Setup" to get the window to show. A window should come up that looks like this: On the right, select "Layer 2" (it's important that you keep layer 1 blank). Click on the dropdown menu for the Right Button - we'll be using this for testing purposes in case something goes wrong. Scroll all the way to "Simulated Keys (undefined)" and select it. A window should come up.

Step 3: In the "custom key(s)" field goes the key you set your RMB skill to. Select "3 During (press on down, release on up)" from the dropdown menu. It should look like this when you're done: Press OK.

Step 4: Click Settings in the very bottom left. In the General tab, check "Bypass ALL actions when SCROLL LOCK is ON" and uncheck "Show layer switch balloon notifications". In the Hotkeys tab, check "Enable global hotkeys" and then find "Next Layer": Click in the box and choose any toggle key that you think will be easy to use as this will be the key that you use for switching between mouse modes. I have mine on the ` or ~ key but you can do things like CTRL+Shift+F or whatever you like – just make sure a key like that doesn't exist in game. Click OK to save your settings, and then Apply. Close (minimize) the window for now.

Step 5: Go to a text box, press your toggle key that you set in step 4 and right click a couple times. If you did everything correctly your right click should be typing letters and not actually clicking. (If you messed up and broke your mouse buttons you can press Scroll Lock to disable the program's functions temporarily and then you may need Blade & Soul Power leveling.) Once you've confirmed that it works reopen the window, go back to the Layer 2 tab and select and fill out the Simulated Keys dropdown for Left Button in the same way you did in step 3; only with the other Contextual Skill hotkey this time.

Optional last step: disable the program from automatically opening during startup if you feel it may get in your BNS Power leveling. I'm not going to write a guide doing that since it's easy, differs between operating systems and is just a Google search away.

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Problem on the Taiwan server is that I find myself getting resisted very often, even at level 50. 

Worst of all, Tab-switch fails ('resisted') most of the time against my opponents with BNS Gold, and most of my CCs as well. Some classes outright ignore my stuns. 

I'm trying to get better but it's really frustrating. I did only start the game 2 weeks ago, so maybe I'm undergeared? 

A major issue with playing the assassin class is that there are 5 major counter-classes: 

- Summoner (noooo! don't jump on meeee! nooo!! dead)

- Force master (stuck, frozen, can't move, ahhh, dead)

- Warlocks (stopppp sucking meee inntooo the vorttexxxx, dead)

- Destroyer (resist, resist, CCed, chopchopchop, dead)

- Blade Dancer (weee wee weee, dead)

That means more than half of the game is your counter-class. The only good matches I really have are against other assassins, blade masters. 

Kungfu masters, I can still fight. But if I screw up slightly, they capitalize on it and take off 70%+ of my hp in one go. 

Tab escape isn't even available when Kungfu Masters kick me around. 

When I tried to use your 100-0 combo, they tab escape then next second I'm stunlocked and dead. 

At the end of the day I end up running around stealthed to buy Buy Blade And Soul Gold, throwing poison bombs and shurikens, planting bombs, and do chop-chop runs. 

I find I win a lot more that way because my combos get resisted half of the time. Is there really a light at the end of the tunnel for Assassins? 

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Blade and soul into the game we first want to upgrade their level! So how would I level up quickly?

Lv30 - Lv36: Just clear your quests after Lv30, cheap Blade & Soul Gold it is no problem upgrade to Lv36, so you do not need farm raid to waste time. If you find your quest off, then go to farm the cave of peripatetic or shadow fortress.

Lv36 - Lv42: Go to red leaves Villa to leveling after Lv37, here is mainly to fighting, farm a pig get 90 experience, it is not high speed to leveling, but if you have a farming line will be faster, then immediately to change another farming line, it requires some skill to change line.

Lv42 - Lv45: Clear your quest until Kek Lok Temple after Lv42, do not worry to hand over your line. Just go to farm 6 small monkeys repeated in the raid, one monkey with 100 experience. If you are a Destroyer, please clear the quest until fog forest, then single farm Empire base, gold, potions, props, etc you can get more! If you still think not enough, choose to farm spider hole, it is difficult to farm, you can farm them until full level, the last is BIG 4.

Blade-Soul is the best blade & soul guide store to share some nice tips and guides for you. No matter the leveling guide, class guide, bns gold guids and raid guides, or others weapons and armors guides you can fast to know them. What’s more, the cheap Blade and Soul gold still with best price for you, 24/7 live chat help you solve any Blade & Soul order problems.

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