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While Albion is a fine product, no one would accuse it of have excessive player documention. This most apparent in the End-Game PVP struggles for area control, high tier crafting, gathering and so much Albion Online Silver. A lot of the conversations around the Outlands and the various black zones in the previous beta talk about things I have never seen. I know writing documentation is a pain and very difficult to get behind when it is possible that the part of the game will change and obsolete the docs.

Perhaps it would be possible to allow some kind of "ghost" access to the Outlands. Players could travel to the Outlands as semi-transparent characters. Perhaps they would be visible to standard players, perhaps not. Visiting players could move around but not engage in any actions that had any actual impact.

They could select and inspect other players

View the contents of the auction house and city merchants

Target creatures to get an idea of their power

Watch battles to get an idea of what sort of tactics are in use

Pretty much runaround and get an Albion Online Gold of what is out there

Because they don't exist, "ghost" players could not be killed or interfere with actual action 

I suspect that this would motivate less experienced characters to join in the action. If the "ghost" players had too much impact on a server, perhaps there could be preview periods scattered throughout the time-zones. If there is useful intelligence that these "ghost" players could obtain...this play would not work. But it is a tribute to how "distant" those lands are to my characters.

As you stated in the end of your post, there is indeed useful intel that ghost players could obtain. To be honest, albion is based on intel almost entirely, allowing ghost characters to roam around would be equivalent of allowing you to see the cards your opponent has in poker.

Sorry, but as noble as your intentions may be this would very quickly turn into abusefest that would break the whole PvP aspect of the game. I wouldn't be beyond public information like heatmaps as in what regions are the most dangerous etc, but I am against any albion online silver farming of public tools that could be used to gather information real time especially at an individual level.

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Wouldn't a kid be complaining about swear words and want a filter??? Trust me, I've encountered a bunch of kids complaining about swear words.

I said a few and some kid was all like "you can't say those words, I'm not allowed to say them so you shouldn't say them". Of course, with terrible grammar instead.

I like what you are saying, OP. The filter should be optional not mandatory. People are just going to bypass it, like you want to get more Riders of Icarus Gold, and it filters out words that aren't even bad (at least most filters do). Like assumption becomes ******** in some instances where there is a filter. Not sure about the one in game. I'll have to test it out.

Filters tend to go one of two ways: The first way is they censor a few known words and variants and people find the words that aren't censored or they find unconventional ways of spelling them. ( 3 as "e", @ as "a" for example.) This means that the filter is barely effective at stopping swearing when people are determined to swear. Swearing is a form of expression and when people feel their expression is being surpressed they will find alternative ways to express themselves. Including bypassing the filter so they can say vulgar things for whatever reason.

The second way is they go overboard, (such as the filters in games like Roblox) censoring entire statements because part of the statement might have an expletive or a word that could incite controversial topics, such as the word "jewish" which leads to a dysfunctional chat that looks like a bunch of people spamming "###########", at which point there is no reason to have a chat system at all. 

Making the censor optional is always the best route, as it keeps the censor in place for overbearing parents who want their Icarus Gold, whilst allowing adults to communicate as adults do to one another without incentivising people to bypass the censor in order to do so. Nexon's current system just reeks of ignorance.

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Just my two cents coming from nearly 37 years of solid gaming in the industry. Take what I said with a grain of salt, or leave it. I don't care, I just felt it all needed to be said before yet another great game concept is destroyed by the hulking industrial machine that consumes all known as money.

The Issue is proving that the items in question can be traded for Riders of Icarus Gold... in this game loot box skins cannot be traded to other players for money and etc... 

Riders of Icarus is a great example of loot box gambling since. Players are allowed to trade skins giving a platform to trade money... if you get a good skin you can sell it

In this game if spent money on a skin it goes to nexon, you can't get that money back by selling the skin. so skins in this game have no monetary value. therefore not gambling

I expect these posts to pop up everywhere after the whole "Riders of Icarus Gambling Scandal". The fact is these practices has been used in many games up to this point and honestly... I couldn't care less whether or not this is gambling. Parents have a responsibility to raise their kids. If they can't be bothered to know what the kids are spending their money on, then the fault lies with Icarus Gold. I'm not saying that these practices in gaming shouldn't be discussed but the responsibility ultimately lies with the parents. I don't want this whole "Gambling Scandal" to become another witchhunt in the gaming industry (we've had enough of that bulldong).

The Laws of the United Stated applies only to the United States. Remember that both this and almost every other game is sold and played internationally. To invoke US Law is mostly pointless in a discussion concerning legality of games that are distributed in countless other countries. Just some food for thought.

Hold on a second, so does that mean that all of those surprise boxes they sell in Toys R Us are also illegal because they're random? I feel like the point of these random lootboxes are for fun, and they're not very expensive (unlike some games), and I don't see any harm in it, since you can't trade them/sell them. These lootbox items are all of value, but cannot be sold or bought once opened ROI Gold seller. It isn't gambling in my eyes.

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There are two main archetypes for ship builds that you should stick too at first. As an experience pilot with an experienced crew I have the luxury of throwing together a quirky build and getting it to work with Icarus Gold(Ramming Squid, One-Shot Spire, Mine Madness Mobula, etc.), but generally for your first few builds keep it to these archetypes.

Brawler: The most used archetype. A brawler focused ship is a ship that's main focus is on gutting the enemy and making them cry home to their mommies. The general composition for a brawler ship is to have a gun to rip their hull and a gun to rip their armor. The two should never be fired at once. 

Now because we're smart players we understand damage models, and know that any gun effective against the full ROI Gold, is not going to be effective against hull armor. This means that if we were to load out a pyramidion with say a gatling gun on the right side of the two front guns and a mortar on the left side of the front guns (Relative to the pilot) we'd have our gunner firing on the enemies with the gatling gun and then have our relief engie sitting in the wings until the hull armor is down and it's time to fire on the hull health.

Disabler: A disabling ship is geared around either destroying the enemies guns or balloon. Generally they are less effective at killing than a brawler ship, but they are really good at enabling a brawling ship to take down an enemy with little resistance. They can generally be broken down into two types Balloon Poppers and Component Killers. Balloon Poppers can be deadly with the right pilot, but for the most part early on you're not going to be effective enough to kill an enemy with one. 

They destroy the enemy balloon with either a carronade or lumberjack in tangent with a flamethrower and keep ships in a perpetual "balloon lock" where as soon as their balloons are repaired the gunner fires into them destroying them and repeating the infinite loop again and again.Component Killers are less deadly but significantly more annoying to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, they destroy an enemies weapons and engines making them sitting ducks. The main weapons used in these builds are the hwacha, artemis, and flamethrower. A good gunner holds off hwacha fire and uses heavy clip so as to target down repaired guns and engines. Dumping artemis/hwacha rounds into broken components isn't all that effective in the long run.

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Why are you assuming that a multiboxer wont be able to PvP as effectively. if you multi box it means that you send the same controls to all the characters. You have 8 characters standing in the exact same spot, wearing the exact same armor. They perform the same actions and cast the same spells. Try to PvP with someone whose spells hit 8 times as hard as yours and has 8 times as much health with Cheap Albion Online Gold. They wont be easy prey, they will be a one man gank squad. In a full loot pvp game, why would a multiboxer focus on gathering when he could just run around ganking people and taking their resources and gear? Multiboxing will be terrible and should be against the TOS.

This should be allowed I can understand why some are voting no though.

If you are worried about ganking possibilities in PvP and so forth, it's extremely hard unless you are botting to play multiple accounts unless you are boxing like in WoW times.

to put it into perspective if people are worried about bots ( I haven't seen the comments ).

They can by pass the measures that detect if you are multi accounting easily and it's fairly easy to get by that and they will run multiple clients on one computer or multiple.

I think multi accounting should be allowed in some perspective.

to put it simply.

Say I run out of bank space/auction house or wherever, i'd be forced to sell my supplies for horrible prices that i'm not comfortable with. (this is called a mule account).

Say I want to gather materials on one account and "Albion Online Items" afk in non dangerous zones while working on hardcore end game content or PvP I should be allowed to do this.

It could be beneficial to some point,

to put it into perspective.

Say you are going to a high end pvp zone going for some of the best end game resources and you want to mule and gather supplies and you have a group with you, you could palm them of to other accounts and go gather more while you are also running back to the town.

It would be beneficial to allow multi accounts because it brings more wealth and trade into the game along side another dynamic that a lot are missing out on.

Now to put it on the other side from my thoughts.

It would be a complete pain in the ass to do end game GvG or wars and have people playing multiple accounts in a castle and just spamming as cloth wearers.

I think if the game has certain measures that can make a bit of extra cash of multi accounting we shouldn't fight against the idea. (if there is some type of mini-subscription).

I can see though why some people don't want mutli accounts I remember how people felt about them back in the old days of safe albion online silver and even in WoW they ended up all getting banned because it was against the rules to multi box accounts in battle grounds. (maybe that can be a rule).

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You guys will like the cash shop. Ex. There is an item that in reases your tame rate and decreases your taming time by 80% and adds special skills to your Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. I love the RNG armor boxes because its all end gear, you always get a piece of end game gear and nothing that is crap.

It wouldn't. It would be P2P with a subscription. If the game is good enough and the content continues to be entertaining, the game will be successful. If the game is shit and they can't continue to make valuable content, the game will not profit.

One of my favorite whale stories was from Rift. I met this guy with a bada$$ mount and from previous games I asked him what raid/quest did he get the mount from.

His reply was "Fifty lottery boxes" I quickly opened the shop to learn they were about $5 each. So naturally I had to ask "Oh so you must be loaded right so its just a drop in the bucket?" He replied with "no I had to save up for 3 paychecks"

Now I was subbed to rift before its conversion and at I think $13 a month for multiple years I spent more than that but just dropping $250 to get that mount seemed silly to me.

Kinda the same. Currently playing TERA, but doing the same 2 dungeons everyday just to fail another enchantment try is not really fun. Nothing much going on besides that, so I went with Icarus for now. I am waiting for the Revelation Online beta to start in fall.

I'm curious how much actual mounted combat there is in this game. Riders of Icarus hasn't been on my radar, but my impression is that you'd always be riding something into Riders of Icarus Gold, though in this preview there's a lot of time spent fighting on foot. Do you have a limitation on how long you're able to fight on a mount? Why wouldn't you continue fighting on a mount?

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