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No mention of Exarahn Badlands in the patch preview... Are we really not getting any form of instanced pvp next patch? If not we're going to be in the same situation as this current patch after about a week or so much ROI Gold... I really hope Nexon just forgot to mention it because dueling sucks and I'd much rather experience the large scale pvp this game was designed for.

Soon as in another month of just spamming the same dungeon over and over ? I don't understand Nexon... atleast give us some sort of pvp that isn't dueling so we aren't completely bored out of our minds after we finish gearing.

Yea, I do see your point. PvP would give another element of fun in the game. But, to be honest, players are rushing the content a bit fast. Hopefully PvP does come soon though. I am a bit blood thirsty as well, since PvP is my main focus for playing MMOs. For all we know they can be tweaking the content a bit more, and making it better for us. I'd rather have perfect content, than fast content! 

I think they're trying to hold off on pvp as long as possible because at this early stage in the game, they don't know how to balance anything, so it will hurt it more then help it from a business stand point. When you have people w/ +20 gear guilds and sins 1 shotting and the no diminishing returns on cc's meaning someone is perma stunned KD'd etc, and that's just against 1 person, imagine group based instanced pvp with Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. Called targets will be destroyed in .5 seconds and no one will be able to do anything - It will be "One shot or be one shotted" with the exception of the tanks ofc . Healers have to be within 1 meter of someone to heal them(lol) so they're gunna get insta gibbed. The pvp here is a joke to say the least, at least at the current levels and I don't think the supposed "PvP" gear will fix any of that. I actually can't wait to laugh @ how poorly it's done when it does come. Hopefully, I'm sooooo wrong, but I highly doubt it.

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While their content slowly trickles in, and the promise of PvP in the future has not yet been met, still they continue to expand and grow in their playerbase. It's really incredible. This is a small team of devs who literally do what every gamer has ever dreamed of, they are open and communicate with ROI Gold seller. They read your suggestions, consider them or explain why it can't happen (right away usually, or ever if that's not in their plans). They talk to everyone on the stream, every week. They post updates weekly and patch in new little things to keep people around. 

This has been an ongoing this for at least a year, probably longer. It's really quite incredible to see, and it's something I wish more gaming companies would take into consideration as a good idea.

A great fix would be adding some more guild content and introduce a true pvp map to keep us busy during the wait and i think nexon would find a much better response from players  

lol to be honest pvp would be absolutly amazing right now purely because soooooo many guilds and individuals are fired up about the taming issues ect they will go into the pvp zone to get some revenge to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold ! lol sigh to bad nexon dont listen to their player base like they claim.

The way people these days go through content, will not keep them for long if we have a level 25 cap level 35 cap ect, no pvp. It's the first time I have played the game where it didn't launch at 1-50. I am a pvper, with all these huge delays of getting to pvp, if something else comes along with pvp it isn't likely I will stick around. As much as the game has potential, there is only so much of stagnated content someone can take.

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Like I said it was a general rant/view nothing aimed at any person. Nexon is going to put out content how they like. Personally as a general example I'm happy to be playing it now rather then waiting a month for the level 35 cap if they decided to realise on the level 35 cap instead of the level 25 as it is now. Also I'm happy to wait for non buggy updates that affect gameplay and if you think about it more people will complain about buggy releases rather then none at all.

They could please all people if they split up the maintenance time frames. They have done it in the past to fix certain ROI Gold trading issues. Do it during sleeping hours at midnight or something on the 27th so in the morning the USA can play and then turn around and do the same for European. They are aware of the time zones.

Imagine someone asked you and a bunch of other people to come back into work at midnight, which you have to also get to work in the morning a few hours later. You also don't get paid for coming in at midnight or the times outside of your official work hours. Pretty much you'll end up at work for 29 hours unless you like going back and forth home for 1-2 hour periods wasting fuel/travel money. 

I don't see the problem with maintenance. It happens when it the most convenient time for the people who do the maint. Not everybody lives in the same time zone. 

I only really see people having an issue with maint when it cuts into US time zones, which is where most players are at. I'm sure they can see Peak hours, and have set up the maint so people dont nuke the servers trying to log in all at the same time for the new content. 

I just did to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold. I live in Texas where a job can legally require you to do overtime. It is set for late in the afternoon when most NA players are playing and then as soon as it is done, they don't get much game time because some of us have to work early in the morning. I would be okay with the maintenance times if it was the normal 6a CST to 11a CST, at least we have time to enjoy the new content.

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There is a massive outcry from many players regarding the Familiar Master Event. At least on my server. Many players say that "everyone had the same opportunity to complete the event" but I completely and wholeheartedly disagree with ROI Gold. I don't believe that in terms of events that are on such a limited schedule that there should be any requirement for Open World bosses or Heroic and Legendary familiars that will be watched, farmed, and hoarded by any number of guilds and/or solo players. While this is in theory "fair" because "everyone has the same chance" what it does in reality is draw an unnecessary amount of attention to that location or that specific Boss or Familiar. 

The outcome of this kind of event include but are not limited to hunting and camping of bosses and locations on all channels at all times, kill steals while taming (AoE will kill a familiar that is being tamed if it has low enough HP), mass taming Free-for-All attempts, griefing by means of multiple tames in order to prevent others from completing the events, and an overall "mad dash" to land the first hit on World Bosses and Mobs that have specific drops that are needed for the events (since loot is based on First Hit only and not by Icarus Gold, it doesn't matter who does the work as long the player that lands the first hit does not abandon the fight or die). 

I am suggesting that moving forward no future events include this kind of requirement for collections or world boss raids

I also am suggesting that one of the following happens

A) No rewards (including the ones received for completing even a single region) should be handed out for the Familiar Master event and that the event itself be cancelled

B) All rewards be handed out for completing all regions excluding the Hakanas Highlands (this would remove the requirement for taming the Heroics)

C) Only offer the original rewards that were promised for completing up to 3 regions (Brakkar Forest, Hakain's Crossing, and Hakanas Sea) and remove the rewards only for completing the 4th

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