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I agree that the wipe now is not good thing, I have already mentioned in other posts, I just do not agree with the fact you think it rewards losers. Unless I got Albion Online Gold wrong, the changes are shifting everyone accordingly with the new math behind the board. People behind in the destiny board are not losers, they have just spent less time than others and done less stuff. if you have got a life outside the game, doesn't mean you are a loser in the game. Loser has nothing to do with progression, has something to do with pvp fights you want to be part of. Following that logic, anyone who is not playing 12-16 hours a day and leveling efficiently is a loser, which doesn't make sense to me.

Just because the game is hard right now does not mean it is broken in any way. If anything the slope of progression has prevented guilds from running away with this game and getting so far ahead that they will never be able to be caught. Beta still does not have any dupes or silver exploits. Nothing game-breaking has occurred. A wipe makes no sense.

do you miss the part were they re-worked ENTIRELY not only the WAY you get fame for different things but hte PROGRESSION TIERS, LEVELING PERCENTAGES and LEARNING POINT USAGE?

i bought into the game and i bought into 3 premium toons BECAUSE of that.

I want to understand if i need to do that come live OR not.

you just want to run arround in 8.3 and say "AO Gold" while talking down on others that quickly realized they would not want to progress TOO MUCH on a CLOSED BETA (THAT YOU OBOUGHT INTO).

People really needs to get a grip in this community.

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Depending on the founder pack you purchase you get 30, 60 or 90 days of premium status (premium status is per character, btw, not account) - additionally, each package receives Albion Online Gold: 2k, 4.5k and 12k. 30 days of premium I purchased the other day was 2.5k gold. Gold can be purchased in the shop for cash or you can exchange it on the marketplace for silver. This exchange rate fluctuates based on the amount of gold available on the marketplace and what players are willing to pay for it (supply and demand). Premium is good at the start as you get certain one-time bonuses when purchasing 30-days of premium:

the option to buy and upgrade your very own player island

a one-time Learning Point bonus for a progression boost on your Destiny Board

a one-time crafting focus bonus for some heavy crafting sessions

As well, premium status comes with these bonuses:

Increase your skill progression speed with a 50% fame bonus

Master the Destiny Board faster with regenerating Learning Points

Collect 50% more Silver and loot from killing mobs

Improve your crafting with regenerating crafting focus

Become a master gatherer with a 50% bonus on your gathering yield

Enjoy a 100% increase on your farming yield and animal growth times on your player island

Boost your trading profits by having market taxes reduced by 50%

Silver is not especially difficult to obtain and any indication of its current abundance is simply a side-effect of a long beta cycle that is coming to a close. The level of "essential" is really based on you and your play style. If you're someone who only plays occasionally, you have the option to buy premium for safe albion online silver to make the most of your play time. If you're someone who is, and I hate using the term, hardcore and playing for extended times daily, longer periods of premium may be right for you. But, again, premium is PER CHARACTER. As such, I suggest examining your intentions for each character before investing in it.

When you look at all the things a premium character gets.. Its pretty clear that playing without it in an already grinding heavy game is a pain. I m totally okay with the business model. Just a pitty that premium status does NOT count for the whole account. They should make it cost like 30% more gold but then count for the whole account. We might see changes to this before release... 

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today about 10 hours ago i (solventh) sold my hardly gained pup to a player. After the trade i asked him what was the possibility of getting a birth cos i couldnt find any "certain" info about that. he told me that it s written in the pup's properties Albion Online Silver and i checked it and really 15% was there. then somehow he asked me how many pups i had from wolves. i said for the last 3 days it was 3. for sure my rate is high and he asked how i did it. and i said i had a strategy while killing wolves. if i would share my way with him he said he would share his way of 100% pup birth after growing. i asked if it was involving bug abuse or not and he said he didnt think so. finally, i said you first, he said no, you first and bla bla. then we had some business both and stopped chatting. in the break i thought i could make him speak his way by threating him with telling this to developers and to the forum cos definitely this was not something they would want to happen in the game and its economy. a few hours after i made my threat and his answer was a no. so here i am talking about the details. and you maybe thinking that if i had the method i possibly i wouldnt come here.but sorry, i dont like like to use these kind of hacks, etc. in games. i even asked him if the gold he gave for the pup was bought from the official website or not to Buy Albion Online Silver. i was just gonna learn it and if any bug abusing was in the process i was gonna come here. anyway here are the things he told in a summary:

01. 100% direpup birth after making it grow.

02. he is using this method to earn game money.

03. he and his clan have been using this method since day 1 of final beta.

04. he said they have already reported it to the developers and to the forum and asked if it s harmful or no reaction came from them.

these maybe fake lies to make me believe him and tell him my method. who knows.. it s for sure that staff should analyze them to understand if there is any bug abusing or not.

so.. what do you think? 

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The ideia of Hell gate is awesome , but it's actualy boring , cause we have to wait the other team ( when we have another team) in a position without killing the mobs, for not being catch in a bad situation , So major part of HG we have just to sit and wait. the other party appear.

My ideia is , when we enter in the portal we join in some Albion Online Silver , and we only appear on instance when 2 teams are matched , so evebody know the fact what the enemy is there.

waiting is always boring....but queueing (how to spell that right?) for battles, arenas, hell's gates or whatever is not the way to go, I agree with the devs that we don't want to see people sitting on cities just getting in line for the next battle...that's also boring.

we need more variations of hell gate, maybe diferent maps, diferent group sizes and even more than two groups in the same hell! they probably already have it on their plans, but they need to fix the core of the game before moving into this kind of improvements! e.g. more and better pve, better anti zergs mechanisms for red zones

Android ecosystem has 7+ thousands devices - each with separate version of software and hardware. It takes serious effort to make a simple app work on them all without crashing - for a game it's simply Cheap Albion Online Gold impossible. So far the promise to make the game playable on tablets and phones look more like an excuse to save money on development of decent 3D models.

As far as doing myself a favor and only playing on pc. If this becomes a pc only game, with tablet support for farming on your personal island. I wont be sticking with the game long.

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Actually you need only one fast tier - t4, after it you can just start lazy playing without race to bigger tiers, coz at t4 you are able to do pvp or pve in red zone without any troubles. So first like 100-150 lp really Cheap Albion Online Gold, but next one - not that hard. Since there are no real f2p and its going to be b2p with some amount of premium at start - there are no problems to play without premium after first period is expired.

Since we have three character accounts in each purchased copy of the game, I decided to create a second character and play it non-premium.

A non-premium character cannot purchase an island. I don't know if this means a player would lose their island after an upgrade expires, or they just can't buy the island or upgrade it.

There are no LP for non-premium characters. You have to grind all your progression.

These render the game and progression much, much more challenging. I anticipate that the more ambitious guilds may not want non-premium players as members.

I recommend to everybody who hasn't used their second and third character slots to experiment.

I don't object to these limitations for non-premium characters with Albion Online Silver, in fact the added challenge may make the game more interesting.

I haven't seen a thread on the forum discussing non-premium gameplay so I thought I'd throw this out there in case other people want to contribute their thoughts.

I tried the same thing. Quiet interesting. Also if you never had premium this can be a lot of fun. However if you had it one time there is no going back :) Everything feels soooo much slower.

The main difference in my eyes - once learning points and crafting focus are gone you can do everything with only one character. There is absolutely no gain of having multiple characters. Except maybe so you don't have to travel so much.

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Guys sit down, take a breath, and realize that you would never want to be one of them because you have to do your volunteer role and brave all other players when you want to enjoy this game ...

Thanks them, and start speaking about the real work that has to be done on this game

I think you're putting words in people's mouths. You can criticize the system put in place that singles them out as GMs while still appreciating what they do. Mods certainly should be able to join guilds, chat, and participate in the game. No one here is saying they shouldn't want Cheap Albion Online Silver, or that they should be shamed for doing so. Those of us saying something are just against them having a "GM" tag when they do that as it adds passive benefit to anything they say or do just by being there. Moving the tag/tools to an alt fixes this while them still retaining that power and getting to play with people on their main characters. Making the tag itself something that can be toggled also fixes that. Just flip it on when you're doing something that needs to carry the weight of the title. Even switching the title to "Mod" would help a little as the mods aren't real GMs as the acronym is used in other games, so there is a lot of confusion that stems from there. If there isn't a separation then this topic is destined to come up again and again, especially as the player base gets larger.

Still dont get your point,If I have to relog to do my little task I won't do it.

The fact is you (pple) think GMs overpass their position to use their powers for themselves (chat privileges?)

letting them add/toggle the GM/moderator chat tag when they need to use it might be a real descent idea! Easier fix for everyone 

But there is a real question here and a wine one that are completely different 

I am not saying GMs/Mods are abusing anything. I am acknowledging that there is a passive benefit to having a tag in front of your name and offering alternatives to it. Players will inherently trust you if you are labeled as a GM. New players that see you recruit will give more weight to your guild more often than not. That has the potential to be of significant benefit in a game where having a lot of players in the guild can put you at an advantage in terms for resources gathered (and boy do you ever need a lot of resources if you're going to be competing a lot). Currently GMs have no choice but to accept those if they want to play, whether they actually want the extra benefit or not. Players see people with a GM tag doing things and will interpret it how they will regardless of what is actually happening. That is going to breed distrust with the player base that doesn't frequent the forums (most don't) as the community grows and isn't tightly knit, which is already starting to happen.

Personally I have moderated forums before, and done volunteer work in game. The games I've done this for did not allow it to be done on the same account that I played the game on normally. Your unwillingness to log in on an alternate account does not mean someone else wouldn't. Nor does it automatically mean that shouldn't be an option to consider. It may not be the best option (I would say toggle is best) but it may be the one that requires no additional programming to implement. I guarantee there are people willing to volunteer and do with albion online gold for sale, just like I'm sure there are many that would gladly volunteer to moderate the forums. I actually think it's really good that to be mods the members must first have gained the trust of the devs for that reason. If not then I'm sure many of the volunteers absolutely would abuse power given and it'd be a mess. This way we at least have good people doing it, who aren't abusing anything.

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