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already abandoned for many years. "I had to play, in addition to poor technology, our equipment is basically very simple, to have a Double Happiness (DHS store) racket that is especially admirable thing, to wear clothes and shoes is not dare to think. Take shoes, for instance, before we know only the binary (binary stores), then again, Nike, then the price is really high, Although not yet listed, but Rose's his fifth double signature shoe adidas D Rose 5 Boost exposure have a new color. Uppers in black and white dominated, inspired by the Chicago White Sox (baseball

 team). And this color will also be around the end of the listing and we met. In fact, Air Jordan 10 Retro returned to Chicago in 2015 has not news, but given the latest Sample pictures on the web today. We can see that Jordan Brand As previously promised, as the upper material, workmanship and shoes were adjusted, with the air max 95  upper 45 at the embroidery, which pairs classic style particularly look forward to. Jordan Brand was held today in the United States the latest local product preview of the fourth quarter. In the scene we see the upcoming Air Jordan XX9, Air Jordan 13, Jordan Future, Jordan Super.Fly 3 and Jordan CP3.VIII other new, in addition to some training styles and matching clothing, reading these after the picture is able to arouse your desire to

 purchase it? Let's meet together these will come in the fourth quarter of the new stuff. The new Jordan CP3.VIII officially released today, this pair of new shoes Jordan Brand recently enabled the flagship of Flight Web technology, air max 90 essential part forefoot Zoom Air cushioning equipped, we learned that the fastest seen at the counter in the next month its presence. Pick the company held a press conference yesterday in Beijing 2014 g World Basketball line activities to promote the China Masters, the championship last season as the team's starting, but also one of the Olympic signing players Tony Parker went to the site to interact with you. At the press conference, we also see a new TP9 II and other new basketball shoes, which kicked off this summer Chinese Olympic star line 

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afraid even those who usually do not dare tune eye-catching small accessories, can be armed, in a strange crowd, not only allows you to instantly out of place, the crowd became scenery, but will definitely bring particularly good mood. But be sure to choose a bright color, is more suitable for spring and summer style. Female friends like shopping, you can also in the business district, looking vag fashion in the major cities of Women's Hall, free yourself to experience different styles of dress under truly experience the feeling of a face-lift, at present, a positive investment to the nation vag fashion joining during may will introduce more free trial. Every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, Zhu town just always carries the package in the city, a business unit of work,

 to the park Rooster (Rooster stores) East Lake, a fitness center table tennis, and he went with several golfers, in addition to similar skills, their sports equipment is also similar. And all these years of playing, Zhu skills in addition to the city just outside the continuous progress in the tennis-related equipment spending was also more and more, with his words, "Compared with a decade ago, and now with my almost at the time the national team level. "Suzhou always on sports great contribution, on the one hand brought honor to the country, on the other hand also for the local citizens movement played a good lead role, a lot of people to participate in the health the ranks of the nike flyknit air max  movement in the past, it also brought a lot of business opportunities. With the rapid development of the sporting goods market, the consumer movement has become increasingly "excellence." Sports & Leisure start parted ways just 49 years old Zhu City, although not tall, but the 

spirit is particularly good, physically very abundant, but he told reporters that he was a decade ago, completely not the case. "Ten years ago, because of work pressure, time and confused, I had a serious illness, although  air max thea not serious, but still in the hospital for a month or toss." Zhu Gang said the city, and since then he realized that the health importance, the doctor told him, you can make some ball games, after a second thought, he decided to choose table tennis, a sport to be not too much height and physical requirements, and secondly, he also has a base year or so, although 

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 is the most important. 51 period, the air is crisp spring day is the season of spring sprout everywhere, especially flowers everywhere, especially suitable for outdoor sports. Series Waag (Waag stores) fashion for 51 trips especially female friends, prepared for shopping as casual shoes, climbing shoes fit for a nightclub in the city, such as the romantic Shunv Xie. Vag fashion women living Hall stylist, also likes to travel for a female friend gives specific recommendations. Away from home, be sure to do preventive measures. First theft. Security measures to do, ultimately, purses safe. Try not to travel with a lot of cash, but not on the same document wallet, ID, credit cards are best stored separately safer. Second, snatches. Even trips to follow the tour, but

 do not guard. Try not to act alone, and during travel, reduce shopping trips, carefully keeping valuables, carry. The third is to prevent accidents. Many female friends to see fresh views, especially excited, too emotional at the same time, will guard, so try not to take a climb, to prevent accidents. Fourth, disease prevention. Changeable weather, and because different regions, it is prone acclimatized circumstances, air max 90 hyperfuse and therefore carry some drugs, such as cold medicine, anti-vertigo drugs, promote digestion medicine, allergy medication, only diarrhea medicine, eye drops, Band-Aid, to gunpowder cool oil. Fifth, anti overeating. Delicious delicacy, nor excessive. In seven full for the best, cold drinks, try not to drink carbonated beverages, while paying attention

 to the road again for a moment to take a break after a meal. On travel clothing, fashion Vogt offers a number of packages, usually reflected in the following characteristics. One color: natural attractions like traveling female friends,   air max classic bw you should choose a bright color clothing, personal style, obviously, harmony and natural scenery, good on the mirror effect. Second, the style: the natural scenery of the tourist clothing, style does not need to be too complicated, simple fashion can be. But may be a different color outside the ride and T-shirts, dresses, shirts with a reasonable, so you can feel free to respond to changes in the weather. Third, the accessories: exaggerated necklace, soft scarves, soft shade hat, sunglasses, medium size bag, too 

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 past attracted many merchants gathered to watch and take photos. Xidelong company official said the next step will be to go Xidelong American casual sports line, centrally located in the refined style of recreational sports. Sports & Recreation gradually winds combine to create a life for most people fitness and equipment needs shoes. American sportswear brand known for Columbia launched a comprehensive freeze (Omni-Freeze Zero) activation of sweat feeling cool new technology, the company alleged that Omni-Freeze Zero fabric wearing clothes in contact with human sweat on such clothing the reaction occurs when implanted numerous small blue ring (little blue rings), instantly generate sustained cool feeling. This material can be made sense of cool more 

than 40 kinds of clothes, from the functional to the sports footwear, shirts and shorts from baseball caps to close, also including men and women clothing items and footwear products, but is also useful in the production of this fabric Columbia's most successful fishing equipment functional products (Performance Fishing Gear; PFG). air max 1 Columbia's vice president of global marketing, said Dan Hanson, we believe that consumers will find them hard in addition to being out of the sweat evaporation in addition there are other uses; everyone knows in winter wear Columbia products are very warm, and now they can trust in summer wear industry developed this sense of cool material Columbia products will be very comfortable, full-freeze (Omni-Freeze Zero) activation of 

sweat cool feeling material is the latest innovative  air max 180 technologies, will enable Columbia transformed into a Four Seasons can wear clothes trusted brands. May Day holiday, though not long, but it's travel was still unabated, in 51 period, you're ready to go play? According to reporters in a small online survey found that, compared to the fiery outbound and domestic hot spots remain, especially in recent years has opened a shopping tour, medical travel, beauty swim, swim and even investment, it is amazing. In fact, no matter what tricks involved in tourism, the mood

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human security philosophy and six kinds of innovation and technology. On innovative environmental ideas, Xidelong suit with a seamless process and KPU injection process. Seamless fit with the temperature sensing technology is an innovative technology TPU film, can reduce 60% of the traditional shoe-making process and steps to reduce the use of glue and shoe materials, to achieve good environmental results. KPU injection process makes the entire shoe may be integrally formed, only more robust and durable than ordinary material vamp, on the feet to provide better support and protection, but can also save 60% of the traditional shoe-making process and steps. Lightweight fabrics and ZeroEVA lite is Xidelong two innovative ideas on the cloud system. Lightweight

 fabric temperature TPU film is a new shoe fabrics, resistant to bending color fastness, fabric lighter than conventional 60% to 70%, and in providing a better sense of the parcel and support your feet feeling while greatly reduce the weight of the shoe itself. And ZeroEVA lite is a lightweight EVA foam midsole, than ordinary light EVA midsole material 30% to 40%, and provide a more comfortable foot feeling, nike huarache reduce energy loss. Xidelong on the man-machine safety concept also highlights the use of Bare Foot and S-System two innovative technologies. Bare Foot simulation flower bottom soles toes true distribution, according to the granular pattern of human acupuncture points arranged in line with the natural bent trench foot, bringing the experience of the zero bound,

 the liberation of the feet, barefoot movement of people feel happy. Sorption System soles adsorption system is simulated human  converse all star foot movement of the point of friction, wear-resistant rubber with a new formula designed sole, in fitness right foot protection everywhere. To promote the brand sports shoes tide culture that encourages original strength, promote cross-border integration of animation and design, Xidelong pavilion opened a special exhibition, showcasing "Northface" Cup Sixth China (Jinjiang) International Shoe Culture animation and creative design contest winners. LED turns on the big screen showing a portion of the contest winners, five first prize in the frame where the works were framed wall hanging in the show, creative design in the

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