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leather), microfibre, denim, Twill, etc. Panel differences between shoes and canvas shoes, Sails shoes: pick sails shoes Shi first see uppers. sails shoes. as its name suggests. uppers General used canvas made. purchase Shi to see uppers to radian whether normal. two only shoes whether on lining. has colorless poor. uppers different parts of suture at stitches whether uniform neatly. has no disconnection. jumped needle. color whether consistent. from heel out see shoes body and soles whether vertical. laces hole has no  vibram five fingers Askew. around whether on lining. see uppers by printed pattern. text. whether clear. Paste or suture of decorative icon whether firm. Furthermore check soles. soles General used rubber big late. such of soles requirements wear. anti-sliding. also to light. so purchase Shi to see soles anti-sliding stripes whether clear. has no off glue defects. stripes interval

whether uniform. same material of soles color whether consistent. see has no stomatal or sparkling. last check within late. within late with hand touch to soft. has must elastic printing of trademark to clear. again see each rubber bonded parts.See whether has appeared small glue points. bubble. put two only shoes put ground compared. check each parts color. pattern. high late. length. width whether consistent. II, and Board shoes: it from play skateboard of people wear of shoes, so also called skateboard shoes.  nike blazer mid Board heel General shoes compared, different of place is: it almost are is flat late of, easy let feet can completely to flat posted in skateboard Shang's. and has shockproof of function. also has it of side has strengthened, for laces of part,Some brands of shoes for wear broken shoelace holes. Canvas tips to buy good canvas allows you to wear the "fan" love describes herself

as a woman's Closet: always less a dress ", which is actually the same words used to describe a shoe Cabinet, or even more appropriate. Because a nice pair of shoes is much more than a beautiful dress makes a decent. How do shopping, travel less comfortable, comfortable shoes. Canvas for its light, non-slip characteristics of resistance, a dominant personality, good match, becoming first choice for most girls. Speaking of sneakers and espadrilles originated in Europe and has now gone through a century-old, its popular seasons for both Joker function, after the designers carefully designed and improved on it, canvas shoes styles, colors and types are increasingly enriched. Canvas shoes regardless of the season, annual sales, makes you at any time, can wear a ride yourself roses sneakers. Canvas shoe shopping tipsSelected canvas allows you to wear the "fan" espadrilles

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 of running shoes, the soles of the shoe is made from EVASynthesis and rubber soles, light, comfortable, and sole design rules and massive body design, deep lines, grip, the driving force. End of soccer shoes with nails, and the shoes look more compact, shoes increase the friction pad or line before contact, used to shoot. Variety of shoes is very large, many sports have their shoes, but basically fall into two major categories,  air max tr 180 one functional sneakers, training shoes. Then on sports subject classification, sorting methods because of the different angles, there will be many. Basketball shoes can be divided into strength and speed. Tennis shoes can be divided into Earth shoes and rubber shoes. Running shoes can be divided into running shoes and Sprint shoes. Wait, I said above was just very simple classification, more responsible and more detailed classification is required for each

 movement. Like table tennis, badminton, football, volleyball, jumping, biking, extreme sports, and so on, will have their own programs of professional trainers. In contrast to these categories, because of their different movement patterns, functional nature of the shoe are very much different, such as basketball shoes, is more focused on the ankle protection, boot features such as power steering and shock, to be subdivided  nike air max 1 into power more ankle protection and shock effects, and speed type is note that startup booster. Shoes for tennis with emphasis on grip and support. Running shoes is to focus on lightweight, breathable and packages. If interested in this area, it is better to study the properties of various kinds of sports, will be able to know more about athletes who compete in sports brands in order to help this, what had been done to protect and promote measures, and

thus better able to understand the functionality of sporting equipment and the difference. Casual shoesAnd basketball shoes, you look at the difference between the soles, and generally has good antiskid performance basketball shoes, and most of the sole ground contact. There are basketball shoe laces, many, soles are thicker. Differences between Vulcanized shoes and canvas shoes Vulcanized shoe is derived from production process: soles and uppers with Vulcanized sulfide preparation method of convergence (shoes in the shoe-making process in the curing of high temperature tube to steam for some time), then take them out into the shoe. Canvas is in Vulcanized shoes stand out, beyond the concept of Vulcanized shoes fashion shoes, canvas shoes to host more cultural and fashion content. Vulcanized shoes commonly used materials are: leather, canvas, PU (artificial

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 design shoes pointed more wide of shoes Furthermore, to note shoes of itself, then considered other of factors: (1) material of hard, and soft, and thick, and thin, and telescopic degrees. (2) the shoe itself is low, high, high heels, with or without laces. (3) consumer hobbies, age, habits, career, etc. Normally choose sport shoe to choose shoes length (generally refers to the insole length) about 1.5-2 more than the actual foot length.0 centimeters. How to shop for shoes? Skateboard shoes for skateboarding, and  nike air max classic bw wear-resistant. Skate Shoes features more, especially in recent years, there are a lot of high technology is added, in General is to slip a hand in skateboarding are more comfortable and improved design. Main features of soles, with buffering function, it doesn't have to be cushioned, laces design to prevent breaking, toe the easiest to wear, needs a wear-resistant material, thick

tongue, ankle protection and a lot can be, on the insoles, heels, shoes, a variety of features, all for better motion effects, and skateboard feel more comfortable. Skateboarding shoes is good or bad, is also very important to a good riders. Best skateboard shoe soles and uppers material is polyurethane, preferably thick uppers frizzled feather leather, more wear-resistant. Notice that when you strip the shoe position in shoe nike air max 90 selection, try to avoid these locations have lines of shoes, this prevents the shoe due to being dropped prematurely scrapped.Shoe comfort "for some tips for delicate riders, they prefer to use a Pu yi's shoes. These shoe soles is rather thin, but usually have relatively thick or cushioned insoles, uppers with leather soft, do the actions can clearly feel the sand close to the foot plate. Hard riders tend to prefer thick skateboard shoes. Such as sole oil-air cushion or pad,

tongue thick, dressed up feel of foot-binding. Basketball sneakers, volleyball shoes, comparison of tennis shoes and running shoes sneakers on the market according to the function can be divided into ultimate shoes, basketball shoes, football shoes, jogging shoes, comprehensive shoe training equipment, aerobic dance shoes, comfort shoes, casual shoes, and so on. Professional main basketball shoes and football shoes, basketball shoes, there are two of them, one is the sole pattern envelope level, suitable for indoor wear while playing basketball, and moderate in price. Another is based on the original and adding cushions, anti-reversing function, contributes to the foot and ankle-strengthening effect, the higher the price. Football design from sole to the vamp of the shoe is designed for football. Ordinary activists, such as those who enjoy jogging, you can buy a pair

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-2 to run to start the second quarter, the heat 43-31 a 12-point lead. Haweis hook hits, twice a Bosh jumper, before half time 3-15Seconds when the Miami Heat continue to lead. Barnes with a three-pointer to narrow the gap, Bosh hit 3-point, Deng hit three minutes, Redick hits the buzzer three points the Clippers halftime war 53-62 down 9 points. Miami Heat Chris Bosh scored 17 points in the first half, Whiteside scored 12 points, nike air max 95 and Dwyane Wade scored 8 points; the Clippers ' Chris Paul had 12 points and 7 assists,Griffin had 11 points, Redick had 10 points. Both sides alternate after starting in the third quarter rose, turning hook hit Whiteside, Deng made three points, Miami's 77-64 a 13-point lead. Clippers Griffin played more aggressively after a pause, he even voted to take the penalty, 5 points, the gap between both sides went back to 10 points. Bosh hit 3-point, Paul

 hit back three minutes, Bosh in two free throws, Griffin hook hit three Clippers at the end of 76-86 10 points behind. After the final section opened two teams still tug, the heat lead, Bosh jumper, they had 4 minutes and 45 seconds in the fourth quarter to lead 95-82. Paul's jumper, Griffin, two free throws, the Clippers put the gap to 10 points. Wade's two free throws, uppers with leather soft, do the actions can clearly feel the   air max plus sand close to the foot plate. Hard riders tend to prefer thick skateboard shoes. Such as sole oil-air cushion or pad, tongue thick, dressed up feel of foot-binding. How to shop for a pair of feet sport shoes sport shoe selections before purchase of this part includes all types of shoes, aims to equip consumers with more relevant knowledge to targeted in the practical work. Types of shoesKaleidoscope, but total without its eventually function, that is protection feet

Department, so as not to was ground items hurt of function, and sneakers except above function outside, more stressed on movement performance of effects and the movement hurt of prevention, because we running Shi, feet Department by bear of weight is we weight of two-3 times times, so select improper of sneakers, may produced different degree of hurt. 1, and to plus long point of shoes (1) feet late camber big, feet bone show compared more of people (2) feet late sweat more of people (3) toe almost side-by-side into a line of people (4) weight more heavy of people (5) into long-term or old period of people (6) walk more of people (7) design Shang slender of shoes (8) design shoes head more pointed of shoes 2, and Don't plus long too more of shoes (1) feet late camber small (2) weight light of people (3) heel compared high of shoes (4) design Shang compared fertilizer of shoes (5)

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are beset by knee injuries, has yet to fully recover, while the King is in no hurry to make his comeback. Sessions are back injuries, and it was his 9th straight out. Beijing, January 12, according to NBAOfficial website of China News, the Los Angeles Times reported rapid fleet intends to take over Austin rivers, the team President and coach Doc Rivers offered to coach her son. Pelicans and grizzly bear, green Army team in   air max direct  Austin rivers in the tripartite transactions sent to Boston, got-pangdesite Quincy. Subsequently, the veteran journalist wonaluosiji revealed that green army is actively selling small rivers in Exchange for draft picks, and the Clippers to take small rivers. As we all know, Austin rivers is the son of President and coach Doc Rivers of the Clippers. When talking about may become the son of the coach, coach Doug rivers says: "I want to coach him, probably a year

ago, I'm not doing. But now I'm pretty sure, I think the team can handle it. He has what we need, and I want to teach him. "Austin rivers join to increase the thickness of the Clippers bench, he can play point guard could Guest Star shooting guard, averaged 6.8 points and 2 this season.5 assists per game. Miami (16-21) success on the  air max thea road rally. Chris Bosh scored game-high 34 points, and shone, Whiteside had 23 points and 16 rebounds, and Dwyane Wade had 17 points and 10 assists, and their team in the first three sections set up a 10-point advantage, the last day they went back to the opponent's back, the Miami Heat to a 104-90 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on the road (25 WINS and 13 losses). Clippers 2-game winning streak was ended. Miami ended the Clippers 2-game winning streak, Bosh scored 34+7 Whiteside 23+16 the heat's Chris Bosh had 34 points

 and 7 rebounds, Whiteside had 23 points and 16 rebounds, and Dwyane Wade had 17 points, 10 assists, and 4 rebounds, Deng had 10 points and 4 assists. The Clippers ' Blake Griffin had 26 points and 6 rebounds, Chris Paul had 23 points and 9 assists, Redick scored 14 points, Barnes scored 8 points. Home Clippers entered the State soon, Paul hit two three-pointers, who scored 8 points, Redick scored 5 points, their team leading 15-4. Huaitesaidelian voted to take the penalty with 6 points, Bosh scored 5 points and Miami Heat in the first section with 4 minutes 10 seconds remaining to level 19. Crawford's jumper, Chris Bosh in three points, Whiteside continues to maintain aggressive inside, he scored 6 points, the heat a 1-point lead at the end of the first quarter to 30-29. Whiteside single accounted for 12 points. Wade hook hit twice, Ennis hit three minutes, they rate 13

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