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considering. Similarly, reduced orders, open up new markets has become the only way to survive. Many shoe company official market at the end of field trips for next year's market layout preparation. Overseas markets also saw some shoe business goals. Some overseas markets this year has been the shoe companies have already obtained good results. Faced with unfavorable environment for the development of next year, and my heart is both disturbing shoe business, but also a pioneering determination. Li Ning actively promoting four strategies include brand building and product innovation, and increase the brand Li Ning Company to carry out strategic investments, development of products with advanced design and technology, competitive, shorten the development cycle in order to keep up with market demand, and has been noticed. Following the "2011-2012 China Shoes Forum and most influential people, businesses Top Ten Award" to get 

China Top Ten brand name footwear, Li Ning and recently harvested a number of awards in product areas. Hot as Li Ning flagship product, Li Ning ultralight series of running shoes since the market is very much favored by consumers, the products not only in design and technology continue to uphold the Li Ning running shoes has always been "ultra-light" design philosophy, but also into the profound Chinese culture and  womens converse all star Eastern wisdom, the people familiar with the weight-bearing in the flow in the body, but without losing the flow of symbolic light boat, clouds, wing cleverly combines three elements, giving the product a new experience feeling and vitality. The China Red Star Design Award obtain exactly the series of running shoes in Qingyun models, this

 product is not only a collection of "lightweight, breathable, comfort and support protection" and other obvious characteristics, but also for the special use of the warm winter demand science and technology, to the light and warm double effect converse pro star, better experience for consumers, and has become one of the hot new winter suffering around consumers. Li Ning Company and the China Red Star Design Award is not the first time soon, since 2007, has been awarded the Red Star Award, which in 2011 with a very unique and innovative design concept MIX sneakers is the removal of "2011 China Red Star Design Award "access to industry awards. Good product inseparable hand, consumers and industry acceptance of products the company is a good designer and its designer biggest awards, and encouragement. Li Ning Company in July of this year's

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 contestants running experience, making shoes together, "2009-2013 Xiamen International Marathon only designated sports equipment sponsor" special steps to promote professional perspective right sport for athletes running shoes to help runners better protect your feet. For wearing Converse sneakers friends, for the maintenance of sports shoes is also very important, how to make your sneakers like to buy a new, like it, look at the following methods it is understood, making shoes as a domestic one of the most influential footwear e-commerce businesses, teams deep shoe industry a decade  nike flyknit lunar 2, the study of the performance of the shoes more professional, while making shoes shoes are rooted in China --- Jinjiang, the successful integration of the domestic 

80 % of the well-known sports brand, is the most comprehensive sports shoes electronic business platform. According to making shoes relevant responsible person said, making shoes will organize hundreds of employees to participate in 2013 Xiamen International Marathon, that "movement I first" slogan to promote the concept of fitness, this practical action interpretation of the spirit of the marathon. This year, the athletic footwear market malaise affecting the number of orders for many domestic upstream shoe business. In order to reduce the pressure of receivables, 

orders to leave next year, as well as next year to do market positioning, many shoe companies have chosen to leave early, and some companies even in mid-December on holiday. Late last year, receivables hard inevitable, many more are out shoe business receivables. Even with new lucrative  adidas running shoes orders not received by the end of the production models, and with its own press section, might as well do. This is the idea of the vast majority of shoe companies. Reposition the big thing is to face the shoe business. What shoe industry in which to do their own what kind of market, what kind of customers rely on what kind of position to win, as the upstream suppliers whether they should take the initiative to create a new demand-driven market malaise? This is a lot of shoes timber business executives are 

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but also for the upcoming financial industry reshuffle well prepared. These switch to foreign trade shoe factory have received satisfactory results, even more manufacturers to consider a production line to vote. Insiders said that shoe nike free 3.0 companies have chosen to trade mainly due to: foreign trade will have more than the domestic market, while the domestic footwear market limitations and oversupply situation has become increasingly prominent, making a more significant development of foreign trade market space, more importantly, to do foreign trade can provide a more adequate cash flow, which is the normal development of the subsequent development of enterprise operations, sales development, etc. have played a decisive role. But it is not 

every overseas markets are so bright, mainly concentrated in some emerging markets, such as Southeast Asia, South America, these regions. Some people courageously engaged in foreign trade, of course, was also cautious. Some shoe factory believe the overall downturn in the global economic environment, coupled with the appreciation of the renminbi, China's exports is extremely unfavorable, but there is still much room for the domestic market. Therefore, these shoe factory from product rather fuss, do specialize in fine with cost-effective products in the domestic market

 as the breakthrough point. Whether or survival and development, every company should proceed from their own, starting from the market, to explore their own path, and should not blindly chasing the tide. Marathon as a very high degree of mass participation in major international events every year attracts  nike free 4.0 many runners compete. Marathon, good physical fitness as well as long-distance technology is critical, but the equipment is running can not be ignored. To meet the needs of sports participants and runners, and making shoes recently launched Adidas, Nike and other famous international brands as low as 4.5 fold, Li Ning, Anta, special steps down 129 yuan promotional activities. It is worth mentioning that, in order to ensure a safer and more comfortable

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consumers faced with countless choices, how the user existing consciousness and subconscious begins to discover the needs, and to guide the design of a viable, competitive product is a challenge for all manufacturing enterprise product designers. The design concept for different products and different path to change is not a problem of perspective, but about whether or not to accept consumer brand recognition and love problems, is a question of the viability of manufacturing companies. Li Ning, the company's products can compete successfully in the past ten years, unique, hidden behind the scenes with these unsung designers continue to capture market changes and changes in consumer demand and thus changing product design ideas, has introduced a new product design are inseparable. They go through constant innovation, absorb the latest design concepts, continuing to explore market trends in consumer demand, summarizes how the 

combination of the product user functional requirements for the physical and emotional needs of incentives in line with Chinese classical philosophy of "body and mind", "airway one ", the highest state of ultimate harmony is reflected in their product designs. Look at the history of the development of Li Ning Company, we have every reason to believe that Li Ning Company adhere to scientific and technological innovation, product innovation has become the main focus of its business and focus on the formation of competitive and continue to support the sustainable development of enterprises, and thus the formation and product users one of the steps of long-term strategic relationship nike free run 2  of mutual trust. Through the accumulation of experience, Li Ning will 

and a lot of other domestic manufacturing counterparts together, step by step from the road in the "Made in China" to "Created in China" is a great historical process, and eventually become a "Made in China" to win in a flag with the symbol rightful place in the global market. Has come to the end, some shoe factory in Jinjiang still busy in full swing. Shrinking domestic athletic footwear industry, should be allowed upstream of the shoe factory was also affected, why are manufacturers so busy, nike free run 3 even factory orders routed to the next year already? In fact, these catch Shoes Factory production is not doing the country orders, and rush orders abroad. With domestic pressure, shoe companies began to try the overseas market, hoping to add more adequate cash flow for the winter, 

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decoration, design and color, as well as including aspects such as completion of the final product can highlight the indulgent ingredients nike roshe run more attention. Li Ning "ultralight 9" It is in such a maturing consumer groups launch point, that meet the physical needs of consumers and take into account their emotional needs to give the user to bring new products to experience change. Some people think that "Made in China to China to create" just like the manufacturer of the attention from the things. In fact, if you look at the Chinese market, consumers are out of variation from "something to wear to wear to the good, to dress well," the market demand, you will be able to understand the "Made in China" is definitely not the manufacturer's wishful thinking. "Made in 

China" the biggest release of energy, but also on Chinese consumers, "put" and "choose to wear" capability, but also plays the biggest role. Talent and unique design philosophy is the product innovation over the years, Li Ning not only with world-class R & D centers and laboratories, but also has a strong team of creative design and well versed in consumer demand and market trends composed of professionals team. Currently this renowned industry, more than a hundred people to an excellent design team engaged in the various series of sports apparel and footwear product design and development work in Beijing, Hong Kong and the United States. Li Ning Company is engaged in design work for 10 years and personally designed "ultralight 9" senior product 

designer Sun Jing Yi said Li Ning Company has long attached great importance to innovation and change, do not want to behave in accordance with the development of some of the old established brands, but out of their own style. Li Ning, a senior designer Zheng Yongnian first experienced a tremendous change to adapt to the "Made in China" to "Created in China" brought him on the design. Mr. Zheng Yongxian that "design first" or "market first" fact on behalf of all the companies in the market to change the thinking of changing the product positioning. In his opinion, in the initial   nike free 5.0 stage of the market from the designer to find the body of market demand and give the answer is easy, and its cost is relatively low, but in today's market is mature, 

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