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Date & time Jul 8 '15
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We now have several standard of living changes, bug fixes as well as a new feature clue scrolls. Let us get the important points. Clue scroll pedometer If you're ever caught in mid-yourself clue, and I wondered the amount of steps you're, you can forget. Any clue scrolls now right-click on the "Check steps" option, that enables you to see what number of steps you'll take so far. Kalphites Lair agility shortcut Agility shortcut to open the premium elite desert achievement diary are already moved will require you much further over the Kalphites housing. The shortcut now is going to take someone to the particular beginning of the entrance towards lair directly Kalphites queen of the boss room. 

Ape Atoll fairy circle The new fairy circle is held in mid-Ape Atoll agility course. Use of this fairy ring requires the realization Monkey Madness and Daero training. In order to leave a small area the place you have to have a fairy circle is located Ninja greegree and 48 Agility will continue throughout the remainder in the agility course. In other news ... Recoil damage will always target entity, which initially caused the injury, plus the latest entity to handle the damage. 

Feeding sweets sickly purple NPC inside Temple Trekking longer take in the entire stack. Kalphites Queen and Vet'ion now admits Slayer XP, the participant who did one of the most harm to both forms, not merely their second shape. As usual Slayer, half the XP awarded on the player who shared one of the most damage, and also the spouse would go to the ball player who dealt a final blow. The doors at the entrance on the Barbarian Assault are actually permanently open. The financial institution deposit box are located in Port Khazard has joined the lending company inside chest. Applications competitive Old School tournament close Cheap Rs 07 Gold tomorrow. Tend not to miss your share of wowguo52 prize money and the possibility to explore RuneScape history!

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