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Another new feature put into this season’s title is FIFA Ultimate Team Set up. I was expecting this mode to get nearly identical to the actual Draft Champions mode that was introduced in this year’s Madden in fact it is mostly. For those that aren’t familiar with the mode, FIFA Ultimate Team Draft it's essentially a sports fantasy draft combined with Ultimate Team mode. Where the FIFA time differs from Madden, is that it requires someone to use in game forex to play this mode. You play a group of four games or unless you lose. Once you’re finished you will get prizes depending on the way you place within the some games. I played Draft, won all four online games and received two gold packs to make use of for my Ultimate staff. I like the idea of receiving rewards in Draft mode which can be utilized for my Greatest Team. The microtransaction portion of Ultimate Team mode possesses always bothered me, not only in FIFA but all the EA Sports titles this also takes it to another level. Outside of being offered one free credit to be able to Ultimate Team Draft, you will need to spend 15, 000 Fut 16 cash or 300 FIFA Details.

The coins can become earned in game but will definitely take a moment, while the FIFA Things can only be obtained with real cash. So if you would want to play this mode frequently it is likely you will have to Fifa Coins for sale horse up. Based off of my personal play with Ultimate Group Draft, I earned two unique gold level packs regarding cards. The cost of which might not equal the money necessary for 15, 000 Fifa 16 money to enter the draft had I recently purchased them separately fifa16salegame.

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