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FIFA 18 completely re-imagined the football game

Master the set of pieces. FIFA 18 completely re-imagined the football game in the dead ball situation. First of all, free ball, free throws and corner kicks use the same ball physics routine game. However, you now have a cursor and you can control the goals on the pitch for your free kick and horns. This is not a simple placement job because there are some obvious resistance and almost elastic effects, but it adds any degree of shooting or through the expected degree of error. When the free kick is within the target range or penalties, the camera switches to the back of the player. However, you now have the freedom to move your player's starting position, the final angle and buy fut 18 coins the lens and style. There is also a context element that moves a leftist player to the left of the ball and he will use the outside boot, and vice versa. This is a real departure from the traditional free kick / punish system, we are accustomed to since the PS1 era, but from EASPORTS really innovative move; innovation.

In order to add to the attack arsenal, the goalkeeper can now perform the drive pass. Low-drive shots and titles can now be done by clicking the shot button once you release it. The joint lens has a really good feeling for them, not so good when you are on the receiving end. The results with the title are also quite satisfactory, especially those that bounce on or before the goal line, and let the goalkeeper feel helpless.

Created: Mar 19 '17 · Admin: mandy ififa