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Box Office: 'Coco' Trots Past 'Justice League' With $13M Wednesday
Wheel deal? 2017 Chevy Corvette discounted by up to $9,107
Justice League VFX Video Reveals Batman and Cyborg's Superhero Secrets
Spike Lee gives 'She's Gotta Have It' new spin

MTOD "SPOTLIGHT" PRESENTS: Gangster Land Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Indie

Gangster Land Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Indie

MTOD "SPOTLIGHT" PRESENTS: 7 Future Tech You Must See In 2017

7 Future Tech You Must See In 2017

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  • Lady Bird is an enjoyable film, with a honest heart about it. Saoirse Ronan, as always, is a captivating and intriguing lead, and she anchors a stellar cast in a film that deftly dances between emotional beats and genuine comedy.

    Nov 22
  • Armed with not just an amazing performance from Gary Oldman but an entire ensemble of gifted actors, it's an impressively told story that not only shines a light on an immensely important time period, but also succeeds in feeling tremendously relevant.

    Nov 22
  • Coco isn't perfect, but what it is is an absolute joy to watch. The film proves that Pixar is still at its best when tacking new ideas rather than going back to the well.

    Nov 20
  • Before the credits roll on Wonder, your cheeks will be wet and your vision will be a touch blurred -- but you'll be smiling all the same.

    Nov 16
  • Justice League is rough, uneven, and downright ugly at times, but stripping away those serious flaws reveals a near-perfect take on heroic icons, a step forward for the DCEU, and a promise of greatness to come.

    Nov 14


  • Black Friday is living up to its reputation as the most dangerous shopping day of the year. Check out this video, shot at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Alabama where shoppers are fighting for bargains. Police showed up to stop the…

  • New Balance Athletics Inc. is suing a company marketing a shoe called New Bunren, claiming the New Bunren is a shameless ripoff of the OG, designed to utterly baffle the Chinese. New Balance claims when Chinese people say New Bunren it sounds…

  • Teresa and Joe Giudice have been married for 18 years, but their wedding photos are still keeping the courts busy. Photographer Neal Clipper has filed a lawsuit against the website for a story it did titled, "Teresa Giudice May Skip…

  • Charles Manson left his estate to a pen pal ... and what the murderer left behind may actually be valuable. The pen pal -- he asked us not to use his name -- began writing Manson in the '90s and the 2 exchanged letters and phone calls for 2…

  • The iconic song from "Frozen," "Let It Go," was shamelessly ripped off from a famous international artist, who is now suing everyone even remotely connected with the smash hit. Jaime Ciero claims in a new lawsuit "Let It Go" was obviously inspired…

  • Senator Al Franken is clearly trying to save his job, but his answer to the various women who have accused him of sexual assault/harassment is sketchy ... he says he just likes to hug a lot.  Franken issued a statement on Thanksgiving Day,…

  • Tiffany Haddish thinks the dude who started a Gofundme account to pay Charles Manson's funeral expenses should just stop, because no one should cut the mass murderer a break. The "Girls Trip" star was slinging grub at The Laugh Factory for…