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Released 2018-01-25
Genres Comedy


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Axel the Hero


Axel lives in a poor village where people work days at the chicken farm and gamble their last pennies at night. It's made Manne, the farm and casino owner, a very powerful man. Axel's debts are so great he has to do whatever Manne says. So he works in Manne's villa but can at least see his childhood love Jenny, who is now Manne's girlfriend. Axel seeks refuge in his imagination. He has rebuilt the entire village as a model in his cottage. Here, he is king, his word is law. Here, he saves Jenny from Manne and sends him running. One day Axel finds a friend, his neighbor Heiner, a strange guy who constantly quotes Karl May and talks happily with his chicken. Only by joining forces will they bring Manne's empire crashing down.


Emilia Schüle
as Jenny
Katharina Wackernagel
as Frau Kowalski
Oliver Bröcker
as Börde
Imogen Kogge
as Tante Vera
Christian Grashof
as Heiner
Johannes Kienast
as Axel
Adrian Zwicker
as Eule
Sascha Alexander Geršak
as Manne


Hendrik Hölzemann
André Bergelt

The Wall

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