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Released 2011-03-28
Duration 247
Genres Crime
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Budget $30,000,000.00


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Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody affair is a complete edit of the two part martial arts action films Kill Bill: Volume 1 and Kill Bill: Volume 2. The film was originally scheduled to be released as one part. However, due to the film's over 4 hour running time, it was split into two parts.


The bride is back for the final cut


Uma Thurman
as The Bride
Lucy Liu
as O-Ren Ishii
Vivica A. Fox
as Vernita Green
Daryl Hannah
as Elle Driver
David Carradine
as Bill
Michael Madsen
as Budd
Julie Dreyfus
as Sofie Fatale
Chiaki Kuriyama
as Gogo Yubari


Quentin Tarantino

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