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Released 2017-12-01
Genres Drama


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The story unfolds over the course of one night, during a lunar eclipse, in the home of Alfonso and Eva—a well-healed professional couple worried about their teenage daughter and about the monotony of their lives. They are joined by five guests: Eduardo and Blanco, Antonio and Ana and Pepe. It’s a dinner party like any other, until someone has an intriguing idea: what if they put their mobile phones at the disposition of the group, leaving them in the middle of the table for everyone to see?


Belén Rueda
as Eva
Juana Acosta
as Ana
Eduardo Noriega
as Eduardo
Dafne Fernández
as Blanca
Eduard Fernández
as Alfonso
Ernesto Alterio
as Antonio
Pepón Nieto
as Pepe
Beatriz Olivares
as Sofía


Álex de la Iglesia
Domingo González
Ángel Amorós
Jorge Guerricaechevarría

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