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Released 2018-03-01
Duration 111
Genres Drama


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It's 1956. During a visit to a cinema in West Berlin, East German high school pupils Theo and Kurt see disturbing newsreel footage of the uprising in Budapest. Back in Stalinstadt, one of the GDR’s flagship workers’ settlements, they have the idea of holding a minute’s silence in class for the victims of the Hungarian struggle for freedom.


Leonard Scheicher
as Theo Lemke
Tom Gramenz
as Kurt Wächter
Lena Klenke
as Lena
Isaiah Michaelski
as Paul
Jonas Dassler
as Erik Babinsky
Jördis Triebel
as Frau Kessler
Burghart Klaußner
as National Education Minister Lange
Ronald Zehrfeld
as Hermann Lemke


Lars Kraume
Dietrich Garstka
Jens Harant
Barbara Gies

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