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Released 2018-03-02
Duration 113
Genres Comedy


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Ferhat is a spoiled man who takes over his father's company. Ferhat's right hand is his childhood friend, the company's finance manager, Gökhan. They are not very kind to their employees. One day they will be friends with the restaurant owner. Ferhat falls in love with the restaurant owner's daughter Elif. But Elif is not a delicate and pure young girl. Her career, her hard character, and her witless intelligence, which are full of special trainings and superior services, will make Ferhat much more difficult.


Ahmet Kural
as Ferhat
Murat Cemcir
as Gökhan
Saadet Isil Aksoy
as Elif
Cengiz Bozkurt
Günay Karacaoğlu
Çağlar Ertuğrul
Bihter Dinçel
Güven Murat Akpinar


Selçuk Aydemir
Gökhan Tiryaki

The Wall

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