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Place of Birth Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Birthday 1957-09-21
Also Known As Roderick Jaynes
Итан Коэн
ايثان كوين
이선 제시 코엔


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American filmmaker Ethan Jesse Coen is known for writing, directing and producing films jointly with his brother Joel David Coen, professionally they are known as the Coen brothers. In 1984, the brothers wrote and directed Blood Simple, their first film together. The film received was well received and won awards for Joel's direction at both the Sundance and Independent Spirit awards.  The brothers were recognized for their talents having been nominated for a number of awards, and achievements. No Country for Old Men (2007) won them the Oscar for Best Achievement in Directing, and Best Motion Picture of the Year, as well as the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Film Award for best director. They were also awarded the Oscar for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen in Fargo (1996). Ethan is married to film editor Tricia Cooke; they reside in New York City. 


2014Inside 'Inside Llewyn Davis' as Himself
2012A Special Day as Himself
2003Minnesota Nice as Himself
2000The Coen Brothers as Himself
1990Darkman as Oldsmobile Passenger
1989This is Horror as Himself

Other Roles

2017Suburbicon - Writer
2016Hail, Caesar! - Director
2016Hail, Caesar! - Editor
2016Hail, Caesar! - Producer
2016Hail, Caesar! - Writer
2015Bridge of Spies - Writer
2014Unbroken - Screenplay
2013Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of "Inside Llewyn Davis" - Producer
2013Inside Llewyn Davis - Director
2013Inside Llewyn Davis - Editor
2013Inside Llewyn Davis - Producer
2013Inside Llewyn Davis - Writer
2012Gambit - Writer
2010True Grit - Director
2010True Grit - Producer
2010True Grit - Screenplay
2009A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop - Original Story
2009A Serious Man - Director
2009A Serious Man - Editor
2009A Serious Man - Producer
2009A Serious Man - Writer
2008Burn After Reading - Director
2008Burn After Reading - Editor
2008Burn After Reading - Producer
2008Burn After Reading - Screenplay
2007No Country for Old Men - Director
2007No Country for Old Men - Editor
2007No Country for Old Men - Producer
2007No Country for Old Men - Screenplay
2007World Cinema - Director
2007World Cinema - Writer
2007To Each His Own Cinema - Director
2006Paris, je t'aime - Director
2004The Ladykillers - Director
2004The Ladykillers - Editor
2004The Ladykillers - Producer
2004The Ladykillers - Screenplay
2003Bad Santa - Executive Producer
2003Intolerable Cruelty - Editor
2003Intolerable Cruelty - Producer
2003Intolerable Cruelty - Screenplay
2001The Man Who Wasn't There - Director
2001The Man Who Wasn't There - Editor
2001The Man Who Wasn't There - Producer
2001The Man Who Wasn't There - Screenplay
2001Down from the Mountain - Producer
2000O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Editor
2000O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Producer
2000O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Screenplay
1998Eight - Thanks
1998The Naked Man - Author
1998The Big Lebowski - Editor
1998The Big Lebowski - Producer
1998The Big Lebowski - Writer
1996Fargo - Editor
1996Fargo - Producer
1996Fargo - Screenplay
1994The Hudsucker Proxy - Producer
1994The Hudsucker Proxy - Screenplay
1991Barton Fink - Editor
1991Barton Fink - Producer
1991Barton Fink - Screenplay
1990Miller's Crossing - Producer
1990Miller's Crossing - Screenplay
1987Raising Arizona - Producer
1987Raising Arizona - Screenplay
1985Crimewave - Writer
1984Blood Simple - Editor
1984Blood Simple - Producer
1984Blood Simple - Screenplay
The Zebra Striped Hearse - Adaptation
Going Places - Characters
Scarface - Screenplay

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