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Place of Birth Winchester, England, UK
Birthday 1971-11-29


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​. Jesse V. Johnson is a stunt coordinator and filmmaker, born on November 29, 1971, in Winchester, England, UK. Johnson has made primarily Action films. These include the 2009 revenge thriller The Butcher and the Crime drama Charlie Valentine. Johnson frequently works with actors Keith David and Steven Bauer. Many of Johnson's films involve a man who tries to leave a life of violence behind him. Prior to becoming a filmmaker, he worked as a stuntman and later a stunt coordinator. His stunt performing credits include: M:i:III, Charlie's Angels, Mars Attacks!, Planet of the Apes, Starship Troopers, War of the Worlds, Total Recall and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. He worked as a stunt coordinator on Beowulf.


2002The Master of Disguise as Thief (uncredited)

Other Roles

2018Triple Threat - Director
2018The Debt Collector - Director
2018The Debt Collector - Writer
2018Accident Man - Director
2017Savage Dog - Director
2017Savage Dog - Writer
2017The Beautiful Ones - Director
2017The Beautiful Ones - Producer
2017The Beautiful Ones - Writer
2013The Package - Director
2009The Butcher - Director
2009Green Street Hooligans 2 - Director
2009Charlie Valentine - Director
2009Charlie Valentine - Writer
2008The Fifth Commandment - Director
2007Alien Agent - Director
2007The Last Sentinel - Author
2007The Last Sentinel - Director
2005Pit Fighter - Director
2005Pit Fighter - Writer
2002The Honorable: Survival Fighter - Director
2002The Honorable: Survival Fighter - Writer
1994The Shawshank Redemption - Set Production Assistant
1994Save Me - Art Direction

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