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Kyle and frequent collaborator Chris Yost are perhaps best known for the creation of mutant character X-23, teenage female clone of Wolverine. In 2003, Kyle and Yost co-wrote the episodes of X-Men: Evolution that introduced X-23 to the X-Men: Evolution universe. Marvel executives were impressed with X-23’s reception on TV, and subsequently asked Yost and Kyle to adapt the character into comics, first by writing the character into a six issue eponymous mini-series, and then by taking over writing chores (as of issue #20) on the New X-Men (formerly New X-Men: Academy X) title, bringing X-23 in as a regular character. The success of X-23's first miniseries (X-23: Innocence Lost) prompted Marvel to order a second six-issue miniseries with Kyle and Yost at the helm, titled X-23: Target X. Kyle and Yost concluded their stint on the New X-Men title after the events of "X-Men: Messiah Complex" when the title turned into Young X-Men. Chris Yost and Kyle co-wrote the revamped X-Force with Clayton Crain on pencils; the cast featured Wolverine, Warpath, Wolfsbane, and X-23 as black ops agents on assassination missions per the orders of Cyclops. The series ended in 2010 and was replaced by Uncanny X-Force, written by Rick Remender.


2014Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe as Himself

Other Roles

2017Thor: Ragnarok - Writer
2017Logan - Characters
2013Thor: The Dark World - Executive Producer
2009Hulk vs. Thor - Story
2009Hulk vs. Thor - Supervising Producer
2009Hulk vs. Wolverine - Writer
2007Doctor Strange - Executive Producer
2007Doctor Strange - Screenstory
2006Ultimate Avengers 2 - Screenstory
2006Ultimate Avengers - Screenstory

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