• Mere Politics
    The CJ reports this morning that the smoking ban exemption for Churchill Downs
    was struck down by a judge. As I mentioned when the Metro Government ...
    Jan 5
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  • Menthol cigarettes ARE more addictive than regular tobacco
    Teacher 'was evicted from first class United seat so that Cheap Tobacco Products Online. Prince Harry
    'will duck out of traditional royal Boxing. Re...
    Jan 5
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  • Mensani Your Partner in Duty Free Under Bond Trade
     KT Korea's largest tobacco manufacturer, introduced a cigarette jointly
    developed with the Italian luxury brand Tonino Lamborghini Cheap Tobac...
    Jan 5
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  • Cigs an Option to Consider
    There are numerous advantages for smokers of e-cigs and for switching from
    regular cigarettes to the best electronic cigarette that you can find on ...
  • Cigarettes worth 100k seized
    Nearly 100,000 worth of cigarettes were seized by customs officers supported by
    armed gardaí when they stopped a Ford Transit van on the outskirts o...
  • Andhra Pradesh News
    Hyderabad: A tussle is on between the Endowments and Finance departments over
    Krishna pushkaram works with the Endowments seeking clearance to a bud...

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